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[Gamejam Entry] Arch Wizard’s Arena

You’d think that the primary occuption of the wizard profession – whether of the apprentice, master or arch variety – would be concerned with the actual learning and pratice of wizardry. As most games and movies have taught us, it turns out this is typically the farthest thing from the old coots’ minds. Wizards dabble in the arcane art of procrastinating much like the modern worker, except instead of sending cut ‘n’ paste motivational quotes and cat pictures to their friends, wizards teleport them to deadly arenas full of bloodthirsty monsters.


Same difference, really.

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True Meteor Reincarnation

I never knew a meteor could die, let alone be reincarnated, but apparently so! At least according to the recently released True Meteor Reincarnation, a Shin Megami Tensei style dungeons ‘n demons crawl ’em up.


Fleshman is here! Look busy!

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Demo: Street Posse Showdown

Despite Final Fantasy Tactics being a favourite among lovers of the genre, few subsequent games have tried to evoke the level of complexity of that game. Now in steps Street Posse Showdown, a tactical RPG with a modern day setting with even more stats, affinities and compatibilities to keep track of.


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Thou Shalt Be Brave

Normally I’m against excessive logging, but in RPG worlds its a different matter since every wood seems to be filled with undead monsters, giant spiders and evil wizards. Burning it from orbit would be a good idea here, but in Thou Shalt Be Brave they take the far more popular if inefficient option of sending a lone warrior in to exterminate the local wildlife.


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New Retro Vault: Malleus Goblinficarium

The hideous greenskin stepped towards me.. teeth bared. I knew this would be a fight to the death. So I took out my dice and started rolling… Malleus Goblinficarium is an obscure little RPG-style combat game that makes heavy use of dice mechanics. It’s (to me) the perfect balance of complexity and pick up ‘n play design that makes it fun but challenging.


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Demo News: Puzzle Depot

What is it with videogames and crates and barrels anyway? If the world were like videogames, every alley would be filled with large crates, and every office cluttered up with barrels (preferably of the exploding variety). Puzzle Depot takes this concept to the logical extreme and runs with it – throwing you into a twisted world of professional crate pushing. Somehow, it’s one of the most fun games I’ve played in a good long while.


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Retro Mod: Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3

We haven’t covered a retro rom modification since the stellar Shining Force 2: Battle Royale, but that continues to be our most popular article. So without further ado, here’s another of my favourite retro re-edits:

Final Fantasy 1.3 is a massive overhaul of the classic tactical battler, featuring re-balanced and refined items, skills, enemies and jobs (read: archers don’t suck anymore), and provides a much more solid challenge. In short, it’s Final Fantasy Tactics as it was meant to be.


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New Retro Vault: Dark Disciples (2004)

Dark Disciples is a series of two freeware indie CRPGs that never got much of the limelight compared to its older brother Eschalon, who was good at both sports and study and popular with girls. It’s a diamond in the rough. Where by “rough” I mean something like “adamantine or titanium level of roughness” – but if you can look past its not-so-sleek 90s veneer, a sprawling open world of questing awaits, that effectively does what Skyrim and Fallout 4 took decades to catch on to; just without those pesky things like AAA music production, UX design or an actual budget. Considering Dark Disciples is roughly infinity percent cheaper ($0) that’s a pretty good value proposition on the whole.


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Chaos Reborn demo released

Ancient Wizard-chess game Chaos was recently reborn, quite figuratively so, as Chaos Reborn, and released on Steam. However, now Archwizard Julian Gollop has summoned up a demo from the depths too. It sadly doesn’t include offline/single-player games, but rather mainly some limited multiplayer battles. Still, could be a good way to see how rebirth of a classic formula compares to the original.


For those who still lust after the original, there’s always Chaos Funk.

Chaos Reborn | Buy on Steam (Demo download link is on same page)

Royal Bounty HD

If you have played the original King’s Bounty or the older Heroes of Might and Magic games (specifically HOMM2), then Royal Bounty HD will look immediately familiar. And that’s because it’s basically the same game. In terms of gameplay, it’s practically a direct remake of King’s Bounty. Though it doesn’t dare to do much more interesting than that, it’s a mostly decent updated rendition of a classic.


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