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Video Game Music: Console Classic Mashups!

We’ve covered a few live music covers of videogame classics, and there’s also plenty of 8-bit chip tune remixes of popular music out there.. but how about a mashup of the two?

Did you feel like you needed some Michael Jackson in your Chrono trigger? No? Well, no, of course you didn’t. But this is the internet, and someone went ahead and did it anyway. Merging Jackson’s “Remember the Time” with “Corridors of Time” works well – disturbingly well:

And what makes more sense than adding some rapping from rageful street legend, 2-Pac himself, into Streets of Rage? 

If that isn’t your speed, there’s always the unholy fusion of Rihanna and Donkey Kong, which somehow manages to shine bright, despite all odds:

That was just scraping the surface.. who knows what else lurks in the fathomless depths of the internet.


Night City Assault (demo)

Streets of Rage-like old school demo with River City Ransom RPG elements? Shut up and take my money! At least that’s what I first thought when hearing that a demo for Night City Assault was out there in the wild. The demo redefines “micro” but if you’re interested in a taste of this Greenlight/Kickstarter upstart, give it an old fashioned beating.


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New Retro News: Aug 28


This week’s news round up has a theme of ‘when old becomes new’ just like the site!

  • Turok’s Back – Enhanced release of 90’s dino shooter announced!
  • Grandia II gets… Grandier – steamy, anniversary re-release!
  • Silent Rage – Streets of Rage meets Silent Hill, at last!

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