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[New Retro Vault] Donkey Me

When it comes to retro games, we spend a lot of time panning classic movie licensed games (and with good reason – they were almost universally terrible). However, it’s about time we dig up something more positive – so allow me to present Donkey Me: a collection of movie themes applied to the classic Donkey Kong arcade format.


Featuring 10 “skins” to choose from, there’s pretty much something for everyone here, whether it’s Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars, Rambo, or my personal favourite, Gremlins.

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Video Game Video: Mario x Star Wars

These days it seems anything you can imagine has seen a crossover, official or otherwise. Mario – the “Italian Plumber from Japan” – is no exception.

The lads at Rizen Visual had a dream, a dream that saw the Brothers Mario enter the world of the Wars a la Star. Heavy heapings of homage are paid to both classic Mario and Mario Kart, so expect to see all the iconic symbols – from the triple turtle shells to murderously jumping on things to kill them – make an appearance here.

New Retro Vault: Star Wars – The Battle of Endor

With the new Space Force Wars Battle or whatever it’s called coming out soonish, I suddenly craved some old school space ’em up action. Star Wars: The Battle of Endor, a 2003 game by Bruno R Marcos, was just such the apertif for that calling.


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