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Chasm (demo)

We cover a lot of demos and alphas and the like here, and while the demos provide decent entertainment, pretty much none of them over the last three years have since seen the light of day as a full release. So here’s a demo for a metroidvania that is due for release in just one month. Oh, but it’s been in development for six years.

Chasm promises the usual metroidvania fare, and while it certainly is polished with all the right founding ingredients in place, the demo, which turns out to be from the dark ages of 2013, left me feeling a little uninspired.

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[Freeware] Mariovania

Let’s face it, Bowser is horribly incompetent. The number of times his plans for world domination have been thwarted by a overweight plumber from Brooklyn should be enough of a signal to call it quits. But what if Bowser… teamed up with Dracula? That is very the question Mariovania answers.

Die, Bowser! You don’t belong in this world! Not quite the same ring to it, but just go with it.


Actually, considering Drac’s similarly lacklustre record, actually, probably not a whole lot would be different. But the combination of Mario platforming and Castlevania stlye exploration works surprisingly well.

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Evoland II

Evoland II is the successor to the original Evoland, a game which fundamentally changed how it played as you literally travel through the different eras of RPGs time, with its graphics and gameplay evolving as you move along the storyline. It was a neat game but for the most part felt like some barely strung together gameplay elements with a threadbare storyline at best. Evoland II is Shiro Games’ attempt at making Evoland into a full experience; it’s a much bigger game with a complex scenario based on time travel, characters with their own backgrounds and ambitions, and a stronger attempt at linking the changes in gameplay to the story. Does it succeed? Read on to find out..


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