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Gunmetal Arcadia Zero

I haven’t seen a single metal gun, nor video game arcade made out of gunmetal, but that hasn’t stopped me enjoying Gunmetal Arcadia Zero ‘til the end. An arcade adventure with an obscenely customizable CRT filter, Arcadia Zero isn’t perhaps as deep as its RPG/metroidvania elements would imply, but it’s worth a visit.


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Tower of Archeos

A while back we covered a game which featured a lone hero ascending a tower, and Tower of Archeos gives away that shared heritage in its name. Both also, coincidentally, share victory through the heart warming power of puzzles. But where Warlock’s Tower was about delivering a peace offering to an evil warlock, Tower of Archeos is more old fashioned in that instead you take the slightly less diplomatic approach of killing everything in the tower.


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Demo News: Puzzle Depot

What is it with videogames and crates and barrels anyway? If the world were like videogames, every alley would be filled with large crates, and every office cluttered up with barrels (preferably of the exploding variety). Puzzle Depot takes this concept to the logical extreme and runs with it – throwing you into a twisted world of professional crate pushing. Somehow, it’s one of the most fun games I’ve played in a good long while.


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Night City Assault (demo)

Streets of Rage-like old school demo with River City Ransom RPG elements? Shut up and take my money! At least that’s what I first thought when hearing that a demo for Night City Assault was out there in the wild. The demo redefines “micro” but if you’re interested in a taste of this Greenlight/Kickstarter upstart, give it an old fashioned beating.


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Royal Bounty HD

If you have played the original King’s Bounty or the older Heroes of Might and Magic games (specifically HOMM2), then Royal Bounty HD will look immediately familiar. And that’s because it’s basically the same game. In terms of gameplay, it’s practically a direct remake of King’s Bounty. Though it doesn’t dare to do much more interesting than that, it’s a mostly decent updated rendition of a classic.


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Levantera (demo)

Ahoy mateys, avast ye’selves for the plunder o goodness that be Levantera! If that sentence didn’t send you running, then this early access demo of Levantera will keep you busy for quite a while thanks to its bountiful plunder of NES style pirate-themed exploration, gemstone mining and er, sheepskin collecting action.


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