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ROM Mod: Super Mario 64 Odyssey

Being mired in relative poverty, I never even owned a N64, let alone the Switch or whatever it is called. But I know well enough that the newest Mario Odyssey game grants the chelonaphobiac plumber disturbing Kirby-like powers to consume and become his foes.

Thanks to Free Game Planet, I found out about an enterprising modder who maybe could only afford an N64 has decided to bring Odyssey to the N64, with Super Mario 64.

It brings Super Mario Odyssey’s enemy possessing gameplay into Mario’s N64 shenanigans, meaning you apparently consume and control of any character in the game now. Sure, why not. I have no idea how such a mod is possible, but it’s a darn impressive feat.


ROM mod: Super Mario Land 2 DX

Happy New Year! To celebrate something new, New Retro Games style, we take something old, and make it new. The 1992 gameboy game Super Mario Land 2, is just such a candidate today. It was the shroom-addicted plumber’s second outing on the vintage Gameboy console, and a pretty decent one to boot. As much as I loved the game, though, a complex platformer was hard to see on the tiny screen, especially thanks to the lag/blur  effect every time you move– which was always.

Luckily, now there’s a colourised mod to the ROM of the game that also fixes the lag/blur issue runs on making everything less ear-tearingly blurry. Nor does Luigi have to remain in Mario’s shadow, either, as he’s now a playable character. It’s-a about time.

Enter: Super Mario Land 2 DX.

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New Retro News: Return to Stair City 2


Time for a quick update on some new retro happenings. This week’s them is: terrible controls don’t die, they just fade away. Also, basketball.

  • Double Dragon returns, again!
  • More masochism – stair quest ascends!
  • Boom-shaka-laka! NBA JAM updated!

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Rom Mod Roundup: Streets of Rage

The Remake Roundup and Rom Mod features have finally met in an nuclear fusion of epic proportions that rounds up a collection of cool, interesting, or just plain weird rom mods and left at least half a city block a smouldering atomic waste. Sorry about that.

Streets of Rage 2 title

This time round, we take a look at a batch of interesting rom mods for SEGA’s classic beat em up series: Streets of Rage, in particular the popular 1992 sequel, surprisingly titled Streets of Rage 2.

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Old Retro News: Archives Edition

Due to the excruciating minutae of every day life, I missed quite a few windows for news posts of latest releases, ports and other new and old retro happenings alike.


Still, not everyone religiously scans every major gaming website, minor blog by random guy, and auto-generated catch-all website for each and every thing that happens, so I figured it was worth shouting out some old news for those who have been living in a cave for the past 3 months like me.

  • Shock! A game with zombies and pixels
  • Sass! 90s style adventure game about a biker chick
  • H-h-hackers! SHODAN returns… again
  • Monsters be here: new Final Fantasy Tactics mod!

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Rom Mod: Alex Kidd in Miracle World 2

Poor old Alex Kidd. Once one of SEGA’s main mascots, since fallen from grace, stuck working retail , and as it turns out Kidd wasn’t just a name – he permanently is stuck looking like a Kidd. That must make getting into clubs and macking with the ladies pretty hard.

There may be a way to go back.. and change destiny though, thanks to SMS Power member Ian, in this sequel that retraces Alex’s steps to find his father and learn if there was something he missed.


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Rom Mod: Sonic Classic Heroes

Time for another rom mod! On this trip we are dipping into the archives of our dusty Megadrive (Genesis to some) to go back in time to when the Hedgehog was still cool and before everything went horribly wrong. Your future self is fine Marty, it’s your kids!


Sonic Classic Heroes is a modification of Sonic 1 that lets you relive those heady days (or daze, depending on what you were doing in the 90s), as a kind of ‘Best Hits’ of the classic Sonic franchise. Shoehorning Tails and Knuckles into the first two as part of a playable team, it works surprisingly well.

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Retro Mod: Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3

We haven’t covered a retro rom modification since the stellar Shining Force 2: Battle Royale, but that continues to be our most popular article. So without further ado, here’s another of my favourite retro re-edits:

Final Fantasy 1.3 is a massive overhaul of the classic tactical battler, featuring re-balanced and refined items, skills, enemies and jobs (read: archers don’t suck anymore), and provides a much more solid challenge. In short, it’s Final Fantasy Tactics as it was meant to be.


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Mario Kart 8: ZSNES Edition

Want to enjoy the fast-paced gameplay of Mario Kart 8 but can’t afford a Wii/U/They or wahtever they call it these days? No problem, now you can a-play the a-tracks on the good ol’ SNES (or ZSNES). Mama Mia! Super Mario Kart 8 is a rom-hack that transplants the modern game’s tracks into the classic SNES cart.


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Rom Mod: Shining Force 2 Battle Royale

Shining Force 2: Battle Royale is a homebrew modification/hack for Shining Force 2 on the SEGA Megadrive/Genesis, one of the first real strategy RPGs. It edits and shifts a remarkable amount of content almost making an entirely new experience – with new characters, enemies, items and spells, it’s a great way to relive the 90s classic.

It begins as normal... but...

It begins as normal… but…

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