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Remake Roundup: Super Mario Bros. – Part #2

Welcome back to part 2 of our Remake Roundup feature looking at redo’s of the classic 1985 turtle-smashing game Super Mario Bros.

Last time around, we looked at some pretty straight-up remakes that, for the most part, took the original formula and merely spruced it up with better graphics or gameplay elements, but kept things mostly the same.

This time around we dive deeper into the abyss to look at games that take the original Mario concept and start to alter it in more interesting ways. There were no hard rules on what fits for this round, but I generally looked for games that added something innovative but kept the implacable Mario spirit.

Let’s a-go!

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Remake Roundup – Super Mario Bros. (Part 1)

It’s been a long time coming but we’re finally back with another Remake Roundup, where we examine an arcade classic and unearth modern remakes!

This time around we take a look at the venerable classic Super Mario Bros. franchise and see what sort of remakes are lurking around. This will be a two three-parter: the first part will focus on more straight-forward remakes, while the second will look at remakes that take the Mario concept and apply it to different gameplay styles (Mario as a metroidvania? Sure, why not) and then finally, we take a cautious gander at some of the more… esoteric interpretations.

Grab your fire flowers and, in some cases, axes, bombs or megablasters, and see how deep the green pipe goes.

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Demake Roundup: No Man’s Sky

How can we at (New) Retro Games HQ make reference to the trending No Man’s Sky that brings in virtual magical social proof currency while keeping it real retro (old)? Luckily, indie developers made the opportunity for us, and now we have remixes like the Atarified Old Man’s Sky, plumbalicious No Mario’s Sky and pixeltastic Norman’s Sky to write about.


Of course, if we really cared about attracting readers via dubious clickbait methodologies we’d have called this article “X Games That Do No Man’s Sky Better than No Man’s Sky. You Won’t Believe Number #Y! Also, No Man’s Sky. #NoMansSky please click me oh god”. But seriously, f*$k that.

Read on to see some choice remakes and reimaginings, that are all entirely more free than NMS and also arguably more fun (only applies if you are the crazy old man from Rick and Morty).

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Remake Roundup: Return to Pac

A few months back the Remake Roundup took a look at the venerable bright yellow godfather of video games, Pac-Man. We found so many colourful remakes and re-imaginings that we couldn’t fit them all in. Heck, there was even a re-imagined gritty reboot.

So here we are again for another slice of the golden pie. This time we find more arcade updates, left-field weirdness, and yet more horror themed shenanigans.

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Remake Roundup: Action 52 (Owns)

Welcome to the Remake Roundup! Here we take a look at an unsuspecting old school original and roundup a tasty smattering of new retro remakes.


In this edition we take our first look into the terribad Action 52 – a notoriously horrible compilation of games (if you can call them that), packed into one cartridge for the bargain price of $200. Proving that no compilation of games is so horrible that it can’t be remade, we dug through 23 remakes to see if even the worst of gaming history can truly can be redeemed.

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Remake Roundup: Pac-Man


Welcome to the Remake Roundup! Here we take a look at an unsuspecting old school original and roundup a tasty smattering of new retro remakes. In this edition: we take a look at the godfather of game characters himself: Pac-Man.

Born from a simple template, budding game designers have turned the game into anything and everything; from a physics-based puzzler, to a philosophical journey, to a nightmare of creeping dread. Wakka-wakka onward to learn more…

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Remake Roundup: Turrican

This time on the Remake Roundup we take a retrospective on Turrican: one of the early action-shooty-platformers first released on the C64 way back when.

Turrican centered around the timeless art of exploring alien words while obliterating robots and giant flies. However it also introduced a few concepts that weren’t yet mainstream back then, like “more than one type of powerup” and “rolling into a ball”, which probably don’t sound like much now but were pretty dam amazing innovations at the time.


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Remake Roundup: Wolfenstein 3D

Remake Roundup is a feature that takes a famous (or infamous) game from the past and dives into the pool of homebrew remakes that recreate the old experience with a modern lens, for better or worse. In this edition we take a look at one of the grand daddys of FPS: Wolfenstein 3D. From voxel nazis to destructible terrain, it’s anything but quiet on this western front.

Wolf 3D title

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Remake Roundup: Wizard of Wor


The last remake roundup looked at the questionably popular ‘Hunchback’ game of the 80s. This time, we’ve rounded up a bunch of tantalising remakes for another retro game. Wizard of Wor sees you inexplicably trapped in some kind of space-wizard’s space maze, and you (and optionally a buddy) must navigate corridors while blasting a variety of coloured beasties. 

We dug into our Online BBS Gateway Modem System(tm) and found four tasty Wizard of Wor inspired new retro remakes, now available in “digital format”! Each updates and tweaks the original to varying degrees in different ways, in true New Retro Games style. From the straight-up Wizard of Wor 98, to the isometric intensity of Return to Wor, to the colourful vengeance of Lesbian Spider Queens of Mars (yes, really), there’s something for everyone!

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Remake Roundup: Hunchback

Welcome to the Remake Roundup! Here we take a look at an unsuspecting old school original and roundup a tasty smattering of new retro remakes. Relive a relic from your past in a new skin with modern conveniences!


In the 80’s and 90’s some games didn’t quite make the ‘classic’ criteria despite being well-known, or even popular. Usually falling victim to shoddy control schemes or insanity-rendering levels of obtuseness, games like Madballs or E.T. promised so much but were, well, a bit shit.

For our first Remake Roundup we found a bunch of hidden floppies containing remakes of an arcade “classic” called Hunchback. A historically accurate retelling of The Hunchback of Notre Dame,  Hunchback saw Quasimodo launching himself over balls of fire, dodging arrows and avoiding armed guards, which I’m sure also happened in the book I never read.

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