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Among Thorns

Mildly pumping synth, digital implants and synthetic pork balls are the cultural, technical and agricultural signposts of a not-too-distant cyberpunk future hitting major cities soon. And in these gritty futures, there’s always a gritty story to follow: tracking down the man that may or may not have found a cure to Necronite – a digital virus affecting most people.


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New Retro Vault: A Boney Night

It’s been a while since I played a good old fashioned point ‘n’ click adventure game, so here’s A Boney Night to offer a short but nostalgic refresher. Playing the role of the evil hag helpful witch, Boney Night has you join forces with an unlikely ally to sort out some self-styled Dol Guldur curmudgeon.


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Leaping labrats, the greatest adventure game is back!

If the oddball trio Bernard, Laverne and Hoagie mean nothing to you, here’s your chance to get acquainted in high resolution. Day of the Tentacle Remastered has just been released on Steam, bringing with it an upgrade in the right spots


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New Retro News: What Tiiiime is it???

Adventure Game Revival Time! Apparently. A stack of classic adventure games have been released, announced or otherwise poked their heads out in to the world this week.

  • Thimbleweed Park – Maniac Mansion meets X-Files and Twin Peaks?
  • Dough Mendoza and Pizzaboy – AKA Phillip J Fry and the Mystery Mob (saturday morning cartoon editon)
  • Ghost Town JS – c64 game gets a Javascript port!
  • Stardew Valley – released and ready for harvest

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Maniac on the Mississippi

Maniac on the Mississippi is a crossover between Maniac Mansion and the arguably more obscrue 1986 adventure game Murder on the Mississippi.  Taking the form of a free point and click adventure, it’s time to step into the mouldy slippers of blue-man-group reject cum mad scientist Dr. Fred for some murdertastic adventure.


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Memento XII

The week is almost over already. How time… flies. Get it? We don’t need roads. Ahem. Perhaps exhuasted by the amount of Back to the Future retrospectives on the social mass, but intriguied by time travel still? The fourth installment of our Back to the Retro week covers a game that features a short but bittersweet exploration of the past through memories.

Another time-themed offering from Time Pygmy developer, Memento XII takes a more sombre route, placing an imprisoned old man’s memories of the past as the central theme. A classic point and click style adventure, you’ll have to use your (that is, the old man’s) memory to puzzle your way through to the end.


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I Have One Day

Welcome to the second installment of ‘Back to the Retro’! While Marty McFly’s change to the timestream caused Biff to become fabulously wealthy, he may have gotten lucky. In I Have 1 Day the entire kingdom turns into frogs. Probably worse, but then again, Biff is a pretty big jerk so turning into an amphibian might not be such a bad alternative.

I Have One Day is a genius little adventure game by Cellar Door Games. Waking up in a cell with no memory of what happened, you have but 24 hours to escape, solve the mystery, and save the kingdom. You may only have 1 day, but it will be a hard day’s night thanks to multiple solutions and outcomes wrapped up in an innovative time rewinding mechanic.


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Time Stone

Sometime this week Marty McFly should be warping into our time period to discover holographic sharks, hoverboards and flying cars. Also, holographic sharks, hoverboards and flying cars will surely be invented any day now. To celebrate this, this week we’re hosting series of time travel themed games: we’re going Back to the New Retro!

In Time Stone, a routine potions lesson goes awry when your professor gets kidnapped by the Emperor Ming-wannabe warlock Garglewart, and it’s up to you, his plucky young student, to figure out the mystery of the eponymous time stone to save the day. Time Stone is a short, free, point ‘n click adventure game in classic Lucasarts style.

we're off to save the wizard

we’re off to save the wizard

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