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Video Game Music: Console Classic Mashups!

We’ve covered a few live music covers of videogame classics, and there’s also plenty of 8-bit chip tune remixes of popular music out there.. but how about a mashup of the two?

Did you feel like you needed some Michael Jackson in your Chrono trigger? No? Well, no, of course you didn’t. But this is the internet, and someone went ahead and did it anyway. Merging Jackson’s “Remember the Time” with “Corridors of Time” works well – disturbingly well:

And what makes more sense than adding some rapping from rageful street legend, 2-Pac himself, into Streets of Rage? 

If that isn’t your speed, there’s always the unholy fusion of Rihanna and Donkey Kong, which somehow manages to shine bright, despite all odds:

That was just scraping the surface.. who knows what else lurks in the fathomless depths of the internet.


Sonic Boll Classic

This is, thankfully, not a Uwe Boll take on the venerable blue hedgehog (SEGA have done a good enough job ruining the franchise on their own), but rather a Super Mario Crossover inspired Sonic mashup. A quick fangame that lets you rush through the original Mario levels as Sonic or just fly over them as Tails, or if you absolutely must be puritan about it, plod through as Mario. Or Bowser. Because, why not?


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Video Game Video: Mario x Star Wars

These days it seems anything you can imagine has seen a crossover, official or otherwise. Mario – the “Italian Plumber from Japan” – is no exception.

The lads at Rizen Visual had a dream, a dream that saw the Brothers Mario enter the world of the Wars a la Star. Heavy heapings of homage are paid to both classic Mario and Mario Kart, so expect to see all the iconic symbols – from the triple turtle shells to murderously jumping on things to kill them – make an appearance here.

Evoland II

Evoland II is the successor to the original Evoland, a game which fundamentally changed how it played as you literally travel through the different eras of RPGs time, with its graphics and gameplay evolving as you move along the storyline. It was a neat game but for the most part felt like some barely strung together gameplay elements with a threadbare storyline at best. Evoland II is Shiro Games’ attempt at making Evoland into a full experience; it’s a much bigger game with a complex scenario based on time travel, characters with their own backgrounds and ambitions, and a stronger attempt at linking the changes in gameplay to the story. Does it succeed? Read on to find out..


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