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New Retro News: Return to Stair City 2


Time for a quick update on some new retro happenings. This week’s them is: terrible controls don’t die, they just fade away. Also, basketball.

  • Double Dragon returns, again!
  • More masochism – stair quest ascends!
  • Boom-shaka-laka! NBA JAM updated!

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Murder Mansion

Capcom may be taking its latest zombie-or-hillbilly fest back to its survival horror roots, but Murder Mansion takes the same concept back to its roots in a much more literal way – placing a Jill Valentine lookalike in an eerily familiar looking mansion full of undead creatures waiting around for you to shoot the crap out of them.


It’s more of a homage than actual survival horror, with its easy to disaptch enemies and tongue-in-cheek humour making it more fun than scary. It also has a little, unexpected surprise…

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Depth of Extinction

Spend some quality time with underwater mercenaries and those giant sharks from Deep Blue Sea: Welcome to Depth of Extinction. A tactical 2D XCOM wannabe of sorts,

A tactical 2D XCOM wannabe of sorts, Depth replaces everyone’s favourite psychic murderous aliens with emotionless killer robots. It’s about as barebones as a roast turkey after thanksgiving, or a piece of otherwise inedible KFC after a drunken night out, but like said example foodstuffs, Depth is equally as strangely compelling.


I spent far too many hours having “just one more go”: a fully fleshed and well-stuffed Depth of Extinction is a game I’d happily chow down on.

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[New Retro Vault] Sky Rogue

Sky Rogue harks back to the low poly games of an earlier era, such as Virtua Racing and Air/Ace Combat for the PSX. I mention Virtua Racing though specifically, because much like that game, Sky Rogue carries with it a distinctly arcade feel. It’s bright, colourful, action-packed and, yes, it’s challenging.


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[New Retro Vault] Donkey Me

When it comes to retro games, we spend a lot of time panning classic movie licensed games (and with good reason – they were almost universally terrible). However, it’s about time we dig up something more positive – so allow me to present Donkey Me: a collection of movie themes applied to the classic Donkey Kong arcade format.


Featuring 10 “skins” to choose from, there’s pretty much something for everyone here, whether it’s Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars, Rambo, or my personal favourite, Gremlins.

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Gunmetal Arcadia Zero

I haven’t seen a single metal gun, nor video game arcade made out of gunmetal, but that hasn’t stopped me enjoying Gunmetal Arcadia Zero ‘til the end. An arcade adventure with an obscenely customizable CRT filter, Arcadia Zero isn’t perhaps as deep as its RPG/metroidvania elements would imply, but it’s worth a visit.


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Super Knight World

Acknowledgements have been made. Gates have been opened. New Retro Games now has press access on the growing games portal What this means is that we are able to review gosh dang commercial games!

…which puts us in a conundrum, as when we generously receive a free game, I feel an obligation to write about it. Even if I must announce that it’s not a good game.

Super Knight World is not a good game.


But there’s a certain utility in writing about games that lack praise – there may be people who want to know if it’s worth their hard-earned money. Read on to see if you think Super Knight World is worth the paltry $0.99 it’s asking for ($2.99 with level editor).

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There You Go

There You Go belongs to the room escape subgenre, a style that usually begins with you rousing from some indeterminate slumber to find yourself a locked room, with a convenient assortment of puzzles sitting between you and freedom. Think the first Resident Evil without the zombies or guns, and all those crescent keys and piano puzzles taking place in a single room. It’s, uh, more fun than it sounds.


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Warlock’s Tower

The world has succumbed to darkness as an evil warlock slowly siphons the Earth’s energy. In many, if not all, RPGs, from here some unknown adventurer will set forth to level up, find macguffins and eventually defeat the warlock (in three forms).

Not in Warlock’s Tower – the world knows its beat and instead decides to do the civil thing and submit to the evil Warlock’s demands. However in true RPG fashion, the woefully underlevelled and underequipped mailman Tim (and spunky assistant Hess) is dispatched to deliver the peace offering.


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Dinocide: Released, Demo Updated

The full game and accompanyingly updated demo have been released for the previously chatted about game Dinocide. From a quick playthrough, the new demo (version 1.0.6) adds a few elements that flesh things out a bit, like “not instantly starving to death” and adds the promise of some much needed depth to the full game. Will it be the next best thing since discovering fire or just another featureless fossil?


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