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[Feeware] Infiroad

Infiroad contains some of the hallmarks of the so-called idle/incremental genres – that is, you take a back seat to the game itself and mostly just direct things. Things start off slow with limited options to choose from, but open up as you progress through the game.

Unlike many similar games, though, Infiroad isn’t afraid to get balls-to-wall-insane pretty fast, reaching Disgaea levels of ludicrousness. Welcome to bat country.

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[Freeware] Fabled Quest: Return of Valnis

Fabled Quest: The Return of Valnis is a charming little retro RPG with cute pixel graphics and classical turned-based combat, though there’s not really much to it.


not sure if error… or Zelda II reference

Fabled Quest comes with all the familiar JRPG trappings – explore, loot chests for equipment, kill monsters for XP, and find the big bad and end him. It’s pretty much as barebones as that, though the charming pixel art and quirky monsters elicit a sense of fun nostalgia.

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Rumble Road

This week we’ve been digging through the whopping 400+ submissions for the latest GBJAM. For our next entry, we’ve stepping onto the mean streets of Rumble Road.


Rumble Road is all about two things: roads, and rumbling. Well what else did you expect!? Revolving around the classic old school turn-based JRPG style battles, it’s kind of like a (very) mini-Epic Battle Fantasy for the Gameboy.

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Infinity (demo)

Infinity is a new retro game that is actually a real retro game that was released newly, recently, but is a bona fide 90’s RPG from the golden era of JRPGS. Which is also new. Ahem.

Basically, having a troubled development process, the devs, after almost 20 years decided “what the hell” and tidied up the code, and released what they had to serve as a demo of sorts that covers around 25% of the whole game.


Despite its true blue retro heritage and troubled development history, Infinity is a bit more than a time capsule curio – it brings some of its interesting new ideas and twists on the conventions of the time and is worth a play to see into the mists of what could have been.

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Secret of Adam (demo)

Secret of Adam is an old school JRPG-style game in the vein of SNES classics. Successfully Kickstarted way back in Jan, it looks filled with exactly the kind of stuff that makes a new retro game a new retro game.


It’s amazing how, even with my voracious appetite for hidden indie games, that I never heard a lick about it before. I dived into the public demo to see how it holds up.

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Secret of QWERTY

The town of poorly translated Engrishonia needs your help, let’s fantastic journey! Yes, that’s pretty much the setting – though intentionally so – and since everyone else in the kingdom is apparently on break, it’s up to you to take on Ye Olde Dark Lord. Luckily, it seems Lady Mavis Beacon of the Keyboard Coast has endowed you with the ability to literally type your enemies to death.


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New Retro News: Horror in all shapes and sizes

It’s that time again, to fill in the gaps between words like the principles of common law and talk about game-related stuff that didn’t make it to the lofty halls of having its own post. This week:

  • Ghosts and Demons: A step up from Ghouls or Goblins?
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s World: Re-Released for better or worse!
  • Stardew Valley: Move over Farm Simulator 2016!

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