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World’s End

As my hillbilly cowboy roundhouse kicked yet another boar rider off the edge of a cliff to his untimely death, I couldn’t help but think “this is weird.” More importantly, I also couldn’t stop thinking “this is awesome.”

An important message

About 4 years in the making, with a fourth and final chapter in the works, World’s End is an excellent – and I do mean really excellent here – strategy/tactics RPG that mostly flew under the radar: a crime that must be now corrected before karmic disaster befalls us all.

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I Am Overburdened

A title that serves as both an expression and description of gameplay, I Am Overburdened is, in principle, about everybody’s (non)favourite part of RPGs: having too much loot and struggling to juggle what to keep and what to ditch.

Should I go for those +5 gloves of nail-biting or stick with my powerglove of uncanny referencing?

The game doesn’t exactly deliver on this promise, per se, though. Funnily enough, this is a far better outcome: instead resulting in a fast paced arcade-roguelike-ish affair with an extremely streamlined loot system and minimal inventory tetris. Unlike its namesake, I am Overburdened is a simple pleasure to run through, albeit (for a commercial release) a relatively short one.

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Melone in the Dark

Ever thought Alone in the Dark was all but the perfect progenitor of survival horror, suffering only from a distinct lack of melons? The answer to that problem which nobody asked for is Melone in the Dark, a pretty impressive jam game experiment that recreates the look n feel of Alone pretty awesomely well, though not much else.

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Murder Mansion

Capcom may be taking its latest zombie-or-hillbilly fest back to its survival horror roots, but Murder Mansion takes the same concept back to its roots in a much more literal way – placing a Jill Valentine lookalike in an eerily familiar looking mansion full of undead creatures waiting around for you to shoot the crap out of them.


It’s more of a homage than actual survival horror, with its easy to disaptch enemies and tongue-in-cheek humour making it more fun than scary. It also has a little, unexpected surprise…

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Video Game Video: Mario x Star Wars

These days it seems anything you can imagine has seen a crossover, official or otherwise. Mario – the “Italian Plumber from Japan” – is no exception.

The lads at Rizen Visual had a dream, a dream that saw the Brothers Mario enter the world of the Wars a la Star. Heavy heapings of homage are paid to both classic Mario and Mario Kart, so expect to see all the iconic symbols – from the triple turtle shells to murderously jumping on things to kill them – make an appearance here.

Warlock’s Tower

The world has succumbed to darkness as an evil warlock slowly siphons the Earth’s energy. In many, if not all, RPGs, from here some unknown adventurer will set forth to level up, find macguffins and eventually defeat the warlock (in three forms).

Not in Warlock’s Tower – the world knows its beat and instead decides to do the civil thing and submit to the evil Warlock’s demands. However in true RPG fashion, the woefully underlevelled and underequipped mailman Tim (and spunky assistant Hess) is dispatched to deliver the peace offering.


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Science Kombat

She blinded me with science! Also, a radiation beam to the face. Actually, it was probably mostly the beam. Science Kombat seeks to answer the age old question, “who would win a fight…”? Forget trifling match ups such as Godzilla vs. Ronald McDonald, Science Kombat seeks to answer the hard questions by pitting names such as Einstein, Turing and Curie against each other in bloody special-move-laden duels to the death.

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News: Red Carpet Rampage is now actually beatable

Red Carpet Rampage, a fun little button masher parody that we covered last week, was originally designed to reflect Leo’s eternal Sisyphean struggle by being unbeatable: “the game is programmed to get harder and harder until even the best gamers lose.”


Not anymore sukkas…

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Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage

Poor old Leo can never catch a break. Millions of dollars, awards, fame… sure, but never a break. Where by “break”, I of course mean “Oscar”. Since those other things probably count as a pretty good break all said and done. Nonetheless, now you can vent some ultra high level first world problems by helping the beleaguered star pursue the ultimate vanity piece: his very own Oscar.


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