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L’Abbaye Des Morts: Megadrive Port

Retro is surely a relative term, since the last event I went to considered Mario 64 as being particularly old-school and anything earlier than that as “ancient school.” That felt jarring to me, but then again, Locomalito’s excellent horror-tinged chapel platformer L’Abbaye Des Morts‘ ZX Spectrum look’n’feel always felt a bit too ancient for me to really get into. Luckily, they’ve shifted things up 8 gears and released a Megadrive port, enabling me to slip seducitvely into a more comfortable bracket while still maintaining enough decrepitness to maintain snarky comments about “kids these days.”

If you want to go the extra level, they’re also appeared to go ahead and make a physical cartridge release for playing on an actual Megadrive (curses mum for giving it away…), though from what I can tell on the Spanish-only page, it’s some sort of Kickstarter campaign at the moment.

Apart from that, as far as I can tell, nothing else has been changed about the game aside from the graphics and sounds, but if you haven’t already played the original version then this just might be the last push you need to dive into a church full of demonic horror.

L’Abbaye Des Morts | Download

The game is a Sega Megadrive ROM file (.bin) so you will need an emulator to play it. I recommend KEGA Fusion.


World of Horror

An old school macintosh hypertext adventure game styled after the horrific works of Jun Ito? Shut up and take my sanity! World of Horror peeks back beyond the cosmic veil to the beginning of the point and click adventure era, in what is as much a love letter to old school gaming as it is to old school horror.


The demo we played (dd12 at the time of downloading, latest version is dd15 -ed) was a bit rough around the edges, with an interface that is sometimes more scary than the monsters, but if you can keep grip of your mental faculties long enough, you may just enjoy World of Horror has to offer before succumbing to the embrace of the eternal abyss.

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Resident Evil: Codename MADMAN

You know you’re old when people start referring to those new fangled games what with that extra 3rd dimension that all those scrappy kids are into, like Mario 64, or even Mass Effect, as “retro”. One day the likes of No Man’s Sky or Resident Evil VII will be called a “quaint retro effort with clunky controls and terrible UI” no doubt.

Anyway, my point is, is Resident Evil 4 retro now? It still feels relatively nuskool to me: shiny polygons that don’t look like Virtua Lego pieces, faster gameplay, more responsive over-the-shoulder shooting, and a bit lightened up on the ol’ tank controls. And then I take a look and see that it’s pretty dam old as far as the series goes: 12 years(!) What have I done with my life.

In any case, here we are featuring a kind of remake/re-imagining of Resident Evil 4. Or at least what Resident Evil 4 could have been before it was Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil: Codename MADMAN is one fan’s effort to put together a completely new experience based on early prototype.

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Video Game Video: Super Mario Underworld

Just like I always wondered as a kid what the hell was at the bottom of The Jetsons, I also wondered how the many ‘bottomless’ pits in Super Mario worked. Where do they go? What lives down there?

Nukazooka have provided a harrowing look into what really happens when Mario (and Luigi) falls into the void, perfectly in time for Halloween. New games may be grimdark and gritty, but when you look a bit deeper, retro games were really kind of messed up:



It’s time for our next dip into the recently completed #GBJAM5. This time around we jump right to the holder of sacred 1st place: Derelict.

Since when has exploring an abandoned long forgotten space hulk ever been a good idea anyway? So it should be no spoiler for me to reveal that Derelict is indeed filled with robotic horrors and deadly spikes.


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The House Abandon

There is something about old school gaming that isn’t captured by modern gaming. Kind of like ‘analog gaming’, getting out the chunky keyboard, connecting it to the TV, putting a tape into the deck, it’s all so… tangible. Downloading a game digitally on Steam then clicking ‘Play Game’ doesn’t quite have the same magic.


Magic, as we know, is also related to supernatural things like ghosts, demons and old people’s toenails. So it makes total sense that The House Abandon combines the magic of analog gaming with inception style supernatural hijinks to make for a spooky retro style experience.

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Remake Roundup: Pac-Man


Welcome to the Remake Roundup! Here we take a look at an unsuspecting old school original and roundup a tasty smattering of new retro remakes. In this edition: we take a look at the godfather of game characters himself: Pac-Man.

Born from a simple template, budding game designers have turned the game into anything and everything; from a physics-based puzzler, to a philosophical journey, to a nightmare of creeping dread. Wakka-wakka onward to learn more…

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Lakeview Cabin

Lakeview Cabin is Friday the 13th Simulator where you may actually survive… after dying countless times.


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I’m Alright

Just as your partner might claim “I’m all right” after coldly shrugging off your tender affection, don’t put too much faith into the title of this debut game by New Zealand student Allenjayroldan.


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Don’t play this game if you want to relax. Guilt has you waking up in a forest, alone – and what could be worse than that? I don’t know, how about lurking evil?


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