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Nightkeep (demo)

Nightkeep is, well, as its indiegogo page puts it: “an action RPG platformer inspired by such classics as Castlevania Bloodlines, Demon’s crest and a variety of JRPGs” – yes, please. Ture, it’s yet another retro-style game wearing its influences strongly on its sleeves, but the demo here is polished enough in its own right that Nightkeep looks to be shaping up to serve an interesting mixture of platforming action.

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[Alpha] Drift Stage

Drift Stage is another retro-inspired racer that isn’t afraid to express its love for neon. Admittedly, the alpha demo (download below) isn’t much and came out ages ago (sorry about that), but the project looks very much alive and has been receiving regular updates, anyone interested might want to test the ignition.


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[Alpha Demo] Burst Fighter

Burst Fighter is a slick looking indie effort that harks back to classic 2D shoot ’em ups of yore such as Raiden. The game was recently greenlit on Steam and we decided to hop in the cockpit and take the current alpha demo for a spin.


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Murder Mansion

Capcom may be taking its latest zombie-or-hillbilly fest back to its survival horror roots, but Murder Mansion takes the same concept back to its roots in a much more literal way – placing a Jill Valentine lookalike in an eerily familiar looking mansion full of undead creatures waiting around for you to shoot the crap out of them.


It’s more of a homage than actual survival horror, with its easy to disaptch enemies and tongue-in-cheek humour making it more fun than scary. It also has a little, unexpected surprise…

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[Demo] Zenodyne R

Zenodyne R is a retro style 90’s inspired vertical shooter, where memorising bullet patterns is the order of the day. It’s highly derivative – following pretty standard conventions of the decade such as different ships to choose from, powerups and large boss encounters. And, apparently, starting the name of the game with one of last three letters of the alphabet (see: Xydonia, Z-Exemplar)


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Andromeda (demo)

For all its ups and downs, if anything else, Kickstarter has at least allowed the creation of some ambitious demos – and when these demos provide a few hours of solid, old school style gaming joy, I can’t complain. The Andromeda demo does just that.


As you’d expect from a demo, it’s a bit rough around the edges, but it’s a fully playable and enjoyable “NEStroidvania” throwback that will easily consume a solid few hours.

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If recent experiences haven’t satisfied your MegaMan cravings, and you also happen to crave fruit, MangoMan is the cure for you. You might want to see a doctor about it, too, though.. Just in case.


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Demo: Street Posse Showdown

Despite Final Fantasy Tactics being a favourite among lovers of the genre, few subsequent games have tried to evoke the level of complexity of that game. Now in steps Street Posse Showdown, a tactical RPG with a modern day setting with even more stats, affinities and compatibilities to keep track of.


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Legend of Xenia

Ever heard of Zelda, the titular princess from Legend of Zelda? If you’re reading this blog, I sure hope you have. For a princess who has a decades long series of legends revolving around her though, the Zelda games sure didn’t feature a whole lot of princess-based hack-n-slash action. Thankfully Legend of Xenia fills the violent princess subgenre gap with a Zelda-like where the princess gets the job done instead of some random mute elf dude.


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Dinocide: Released, Demo Updated

The full game and accompanyingly updated demo have been released for the previously chatted about game Dinocide. From a quick playthrough, the new demo (version 1.0.6) adds a few elements that flesh things out a bit, like “not instantly starving to death” and adds the promise of some much needed depth to the full game. Will it be the next best thing since discovering fire or just another featureless fossil?


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