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ROM mod: Super Mario Land 2 DX

Happy New Year! To celebrate something new, New Retro Games style, we take something old, and make it new. The 1992 gameboy game Super Mario Land 2, is just such a candidate today. It was the shroom-addicted plumber’s second outing on the vintage Gameboy console, and a pretty decent one to boot. As much as I loved the game, though, a complex platformer was hard to see on the tiny screen, especially thanks to the lag/blur  effect every time you move– which was always.

Luckily, now there’s a colourised mod to the ROM of the game that also fixes the lag/blur issue runs on making everything less ear-tearingly blurry. Nor does Luigi have to remain in Mario’s shadow, either, as he’s now a playable character. It’s-a about time.

Enter: Super Mario Land 2 DX.

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[Freeware] Legend of Basement

In the fantasy dark ages, most household basements also contained giant rats, the lair of some horrible creature and probably an ancient world-ending cult or two. Legend of Basement takes a modern look at the question of what happened to all those vast subterranean networks after society moves on into the 21st century?


A short cute adventure about cats – or a gameboy-styled dungeon crawler? Well, that all depends on how you play Legend of Basement.

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Gameboy Jam 5 Round Up

Was hoping to get out some more detailed looks into some of the 400+ entries into GBJAM5, but well, ain’t nobody got time fo dat and all that (not for lack of want though, I’d rather be playing through each game and writing about them here than working -ed). Here, at least, are a couple more tasty desserts from the GBJAM5- some choice selections from an admittedly fine menu.

The appetizer is a challenging action-platformer featuring ever Ninja’s favourite weapon, followed up by a main serving of Slug-shooting arcade action, finished off with some classic football-infused dungeon exploration. Yes, really. As a bonus supper, I’ve also included a rare treat: a Gameboy style beat ’em up.

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Polygone (GBJAM 5)

Pick a game that has a bland cover image and see if it’s any good. That’s the name of the game in selecting Polygone for a test drive among the 400+ entrants into the recently wrapped up Game Boy Jam 5. So is it worth a spin?


The description is “shoot down enemies to get the high score”. Now if reading something like this sounds unfamiliar, you’re a very lucky person – you have a lot of catching up to do. For everyone else, this is your Gameboy style shmup.

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Rumble Road

This week we’ve been digging through the whopping 400+ submissions for the latest GBJAM. For our next entry, we’ve stepping onto the mean streets of Rumble Road.


Rumble Road is all about two things: roads, and rumbling. Well what else did you expect!? Revolving around the classic old school turn-based JRPG style battles, it’s kind of like a (very) mini-Epic Battle Fantasy for the Gameboy.

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It’s time for our next dip into the recently completed #GBJAM5. This time around we jump right to the holder of sacred 1st place: Derelict.

Since when has exploring an abandoned long forgotten space hulk ever been a good idea anyway? So it should be no spoiler for me to reveal that Derelict is indeed filled with robotic horrors and deadly spikes.


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Bob & Dob

This week we will be looking into the latest #GBJAM, which coughed up a whopping 484 submissions (now down to, for various reasons, a “mere” 402). Our first featured entry is the charming Bob & Dob, a game that pits boy and seal against the elements, landing a respectable 5th place in the jam.


Even if you’re not into fishing in the slightest, fear not. Not since SEGA Bass Fishing has the gentleman’s sport been so strangely engaging, and also, full of seal-based action.

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Infinity (demo)

Infinity is a new retro game that is actually a real retro game that was released newly, recently, but is a bona fide 90’s RPG from the golden era of JRPGS. Which is also new. Ahem.

Basically, having a troubled development process, the devs, after almost 20 years decided “what the hell” and tidied up the code, and released what they had to serve as a demo of sorts that covers around 25% of the whole game.


Despite its true blue retro heritage and troubled development history, Infinity is a bit more than a time capsule curio – it brings some of its interesting new ideas and twists on the conventions of the time and is worth a play to see into the mists of what could have been.

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Warlock’s Tower

The world has succumbed to darkness as an evil warlock slowly siphons the Earth’s energy. In many, if not all, RPGs, from here some unknown adventurer will set forth to level up, find macguffins and eventually defeat the warlock (in three forms).

Not in Warlock’s Tower – the world knows its beat and instead decides to do the civil thing and submit to the evil Warlock’s demands. However in true RPG fashion, the woefully underlevelled and underequipped mailman Tim (and spunky assistant Hess) is dispatched to deliver the peace offering.


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Cuckoo Castle

Dracula has risen yet again, kidnapping the local populace (presumably saving them for midnight snacks later). It’s up to YOU, whether you be knight, witch or.. creature… to stop him.


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