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Remake Roundup: Super Mario Bros. – Part #2

Welcome back to part 2 of our Remake Roundup feature looking at redo’s of the classic 1985 turtle-smashing game Super Mario Bros.

Last time around, we looked at some pretty straight-up remakes that, for the most part, took the original formula and merely spruced it up with better graphics or gameplay elements, but kept things mostly the same.

This time around we dive deeper into the abyss to look at games that take the original Mario concept and start to alter it in more interesting ways. There were no hard rules on what fits for this round, but I generally looked for games that added something innovative but kept the implacable Mario spirit.

Let’s a-go!

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Remake Roundup: Return to Pac

A few months back the Remake Roundup took a look at the venerable bright yellow godfather of video games, Pac-Man. We found so many colourful remakes and re-imaginings that we couldn’t fit them all in. Heck, there was even a re-imagined gritty reboot.

So here we are again for another slice of the golden pie. This time we find more arcade updates, left-field weirdness, and yet more horror themed shenanigans.

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Power Bomberman

Ah, Bomberman, one of the classic multiplayer experiences that strained friendships and tested rivalries. If you don’t know the torment of turning around and finding yourself trapped by a large comically oversized bomb while your friends laugh manically at your impending demise, then you haven’t lived, I say! Also, I heard that sometimes happens in this game.


It still surprises how often a major game developer has a beloved franchise but for some reason leaves it to rot in the sweltering sun. Thankfully, the modding community does what Nintendon’t/Segawon’t – creating Power Bomberman, the definitive Bomberman experience which adds modern touches like 12 player(!) multiplayer, while keeping the spirit of exactly what made the old games so great.

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Rom Mod: Alex Kidd in Miracle World 2

Poor old Alex Kidd. Once one of SEGA’s main mascots, since fallen from grace, stuck working retail , and as it turns out Kidd wasn’t just a name – he permanently is stuck looking like a Kidd. That must make getting into clubs and macking with the ladies pretty hard.

There may be a way to go back.. and change destiny though, thanks to SMS Power member Ian, in this sequel that retraces Alex’s steps to find his father and learn if there was something he missed.


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Remake Roundup: Turrican

This time on the Remake Roundup we take a retrospective on Turrican: one of the early action-shooty-platformers first released on the C64 way back when.

Turrican centered around the timeless art of exploring alien words while obliterating robots and giant flies. However it also introduced a few concepts that weren’t yet mainstream back then, like “more than one type of powerup” and “rolling into a ball”, which probably don’t sound like much now but were pretty dam amazing innovations at the time.


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Maniac on the Mississippi

Maniac on the Mississippi is a crossover between Maniac Mansion and the arguably more obscrue 1986 adventure game Murder on the Mississippi.  Taking the form of a free point and click adventure, it’s time to step into the mouldy slippers of blue-man-group reject cum mad scientist Dr. Fred for some murdertastic adventure.


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Mario XP

While the clever minds behind Super Mario Crossover combined a range of Nintendo characters, such as Simon Belmont, with the original Mario Bros. game to excellent effect, Mario XP rolls with the inverse idea of introducing Mario into the Castlevania world. And it’s a combination that works surprisingly well.

The Mushroom Kingdom looks different than I remember

The Mushroom Kingdom looks different than I remember

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