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[Freeware] A Man’s Quest

As kids I think we wanted to climb pretty much everything – climbing to some arbitrary high point was an important status symbol for 10 year olds. Perhaps, indeed, an important rite of passage to becoming a man. So it would make sense why A Man’s Quest stars a little boy seeking to find the coolest, highest thing to climb.


Another precision platformer but by no means frustrating – A Man’s Quest is light on pain and big on heart.

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The Case of the Mysterious Maulings

When all the guests have gathered and the lights are struck out, only to flicker back to life revealing that the host hasĀ been burtally murdered, eyes dart suspiciously across the room. Could it be theĀ archeologist who might have handled one too many cursed artifacts, or the so-called mystic? Or perhaps the vicious blood thirsty floating monster with blood splashed over its face? No, wait, it was definitely the butler. The butler did it.


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