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Secret of QWERTY

The town of poorly translated Engrishonia needs your help, let’s fantastic journey! Yes, that’s pretty much the setting – though intentionally so – and since everyone else in the kingdom is apparently on break, it’s up to you to take on Ye Olde Dark Lord. Luckily, it seems Lady Mavis Beacon of the Keyboard Coast has endowed you with the ability to literally type your enemies to death.


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Demon’s Sword

I always wonder about fantasy worlds. Somehow, underneath every quant village or castle is a 50 floor deep dungeon filled with otherworldly horrors. It’s a wonder society survives with all that evil lying underneath. I guess the same could be said of all religions real life. Luckily in Demon’s Sword we can put those disturbing thoughts aside and instead enjoy partaking in some good old-fashioned dungeon crawling, the way grandma used to make.


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