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[Alpha Demo] Burst Fighter

Burst Fighter is a slick looking indie effort that harks back to classic 2D shoot ’em ups of yore such as Raiden. The game was recently greenlit on Steam and we decided to hop in the cockpit and take the current alpha demo for a spin.


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Power Bomberman

Ah, Bomberman, one of the classic multiplayer experiences that strained friendships and tested rivalries. If you don’t know the torment of turning around and finding yourself trapped by a large comically oversized bomb while your friends laugh manically at your impending demise, then you haven’t lived, I say! Also, I heard that sometimes happens in this game.


It still surprises how often a major game developer has a beloved franchise but for some reason leaves it to rot in the sweltering sun. Thankfully, the modding community does what Nintendon’t/Segawon’t – creating Power Bomberman, the definitive Bomberman experience which adds modern touches like 12 player(!) multiplayer, while keeping the spirit of exactly what made the old games so great.

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Streets of Rogue (Alpha)

Streets of Rogue is unfortunately not a rogue-like version of Streets of Rage, but rather an open-world street-life roguelike/lite where you can choose to undertake quests to build your power and fortune.. or just life an every day life on the mean streets of a procedural generated city.


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