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Bold Blade

Those anime protagonists sure know how to wield a massively oversized impractical sword. You’d think that by the time they actually manage to lift it, a ninja would’ve already stabbed them in the face a few times, but apparently not. Nevertheless, Bold Blade puts my theory to the test, with gameplay entirely swiveled around (pun intended) the art of sweeping a screen-clearing hunk of metal through wave after wave of monsters.

Bold Blade clearly channels the impractical sword-wielding antics of Ginormo Sword, but where that effort happily jumped into a lo-fi psychedelic deep end without abandon, Blade is far more polished in appearance and follows a much more grounded 90s arcade approach, and I could easily see myself playing this on the SEGA Megadrive as an angst-filled teenager, when giant swords where the best solution for most problems.

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New Retro Games’ Christmas Awards! (Pt. 2)

A few days ago – just in time for Christmas – we spewed out some of our best game picks from the blog. Now that the turkey carcasses have been picked clean and the hangovers have cleared (somewhat), it’s time to dip into Santa’s secret stash for more goodies from the past year or so…

New Retro Games’


Part 2: The Christmasing

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[Demo] Zenodyne R

Zenodyne R is a retro style 90’s inspired vertical shooter, where memorising bullet patterns is the order of the day. It’s highly derivative – following pretty standard conventions of the decade such as different ships to choose from, powerups and large boss encounters. And, apparently, starting the name of the game with one of last three letters of the alphabet (see: Xydonia, Z-Exemplar)


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[New Retro Vault] Sky Rogue

Sky Rogue harks back to the low poly games of an earlier era, such as Virtua Racing and Air/Ace Combat for the PSX. I mention Virtua Racing though specifically, because much like that game, Sky Rogue carries with it a distinctly arcade feel. It’s bright, colourful, action-packed and, yes, it’s challenging.


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Gunmetal Arcadia Zero

I haven’t seen a single metal gun, nor video game arcade made out of gunmetal, but that hasn’t stopped me enjoying Gunmetal Arcadia Zero ‘til the end. An arcade adventure with an obscenely customizable CRT filter, Arcadia Zero isn’t perhaps as deep as its RPG/metroidvania elements would imply, but it’s worth a visit.


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Butcher (demo)

(like) Mad Max had managed to get himself out of the desert and into a macabre industrial plant; but you’re no savior. You will be the judge, jury and executioner as you Khmer Rouge the last remains of humanity.


If you want a vision of Butcher, imagine a cyborg stamping on a human face for 20 levels. You may be a barely discernible slab of pixels, but there’s no meatbag you can’t tear limb from limb.

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New Retro News: …Things Have Happened

It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times. Luckily, some old school adventure, flying, and punching action awaits just ’round the corner:

  • This is just a tribute: free Stranger Things Tribute adventure!
  • When boys were owls: platform-RPG Owlboy release date!
  • Bleeding out: Soviet Streets of Rage in Mother Russia Bleeds!

Read on to learn more…

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Just like after most of my nights out, Capsule finds you waking up the next day in a strange place, with no idea of where you are or how you got there. Unlike my morning afters, though, here you’re stuck in some kind of capsule that could be, for all you know, in the void of space, on the surface of some unfamiliar planet, deep underground or perhaps in the underwater depths. So you do what anyone in that situation would do: cruise through a hostile land to the nearest station, and read through people’s personal emails.


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Retro City Rampage in DOS. You won’t believe how he did it


If you didn’t already know, retro affair Retro City Rampage has been ported… to MS-DOS. The remarkable port of RCR to DOS has been out for about a year now, how time flies.

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Read Only Memories

I’ve accumulated enough imagery and details of San Francisco to feel a kind of vicarious attachment to the place, even without having ever been there. So when Read Only Memories comes along and brings Neo SF onto my 14″ CRT, I sure as hell hope the latte sipping liberals have been dealt with (and Fuller House can go, too -ed.).


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