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The Lost Cover Disks: The Baldies

Do you remember Baldies? No,no – not the equally obscure band.,. the real-time strategy/disturbing Deliverance-style inbreeding sim from 1995? Still no? Well then, wWelcome, my friend, to a game where bald men fight to the death and also sometimes breed in a Battle Royale style sim game. Welcome.. to Baldies.


That’s right, someone thought it was a good idea to make a game exclusively revolving around bald men who live, work, and uh, procreate together. How? Just go with it. Also, be prepared for a fair bit of slaughtering their neighbours on the menu, because in the 90’s, it wasn’t entertainment unless mass extinction was the ultimate goal.

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The Lost Cover Disks: Wacky Wheels

While not the most obscure of games, Wacky Wheels was well received yet was not quite the smash hit it hoped to be, and flounders in relative obscurity in these modern times.

Skidding in the drift of the more successful Mario Kart, Wacky Wheels attempted to emulate the same gameplay on the arguably superior (by that time) hardware of the IBM Personal Computer. Mode 7 Chip? We don’t need no stinking chip! What resulted was a less spectacular Mario Kart clone, but that was all it needed to do to be fun – it worked.

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Torn Sails

A minigame featuring everybody’s favourite nautical misfits, Torn Sails is more of a quick party game than epic seafaring adventure, but a fun one.

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Ruff ‘n Tumble

Been a while since we’ve featured an Amiga game on here, so here, have another. Ruff n Tumble is a game all about a simpler time, where kids could run around freely with semi-automatic machine guns in worlds filled with killer robots and helicopters. Ah, the good old days.


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Demo News: Streets of Rogue Updated (Alpha 11)

An updated Alpha demo of urban havoc simulator-in-progress Streets of Rogue is out, which adds a few new features, such as more classes, mission types, improved graphics and sound, better performance, and a fully-functional 2-player coop mode. If you haven’t checked this game out yet, now is the best time to get started.


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Demo: Thy Sword

Despite the overabundance of generic dime-a-dozen medieval fantasy (J)RPGs, less variants take on the seemingly fitting cimmerian lore of Conan the Barbarian – a gritty low fantasy style which surely would suit cRPGs perfectly. Thy Sword seeks to correct this by lovingly filling you with arrows before decapitating you. It’s nothing personal, it just nets the extra coins I need for that sword upgrade.


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Remake Roundup: Turrican

This time on the Remake Roundup we take a retrospective on Turrican: one of the early action-shooty-platformers first released on the C64 way back when.

Turrican centered around the timeless art of exploring alien words while obliterating robots and giant flies. However it also introduced a few concepts that weren’t yet mainstream back then, like “more than one type of powerup” and “rolling into a ball”, which probably don’t sound like much now but were pretty dam amazing innovations at the time.


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Mario Kart 8: ZSNES Edition

Want to enjoy the fast-paced gameplay of Mario Kart 8 but can’t afford a Wii/U/They or wahtever they call it these days? No problem, now you can a-play the a-tracks on the good ol’ SNES (or ZSNES). Mama Mia! Super Mario Kart 8 is a rom-hack that transplants the modern game’s tracks into the classic SNES cart.


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Xydonia (Alpha)

An alpha version of Xydonia, a slick looking 90’s style shoot em up by Breaking Bytes, has recently been released onto the interwebs. Grab it now for some short but tasty space blasting goodness. Touting itself as a “Japanese inspired shoot em up, it’s not hard to see Xydonia’s enthusiastic nods towards retro gaming. Luckily, Xydonia isn’t relying on gimmick-value and is already shaping up nicely. Check out the alpha version for some chest-burstingly good space action.


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