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[Video Game Video] Mario (Real-World) Odyssey

So the classic Italian plumber from Brooklyn who lives in a fantasy land full of sentient mushrooms which he also sometimes eats…. is heading back to Brooklyn. At least, judging by Nintendo’s latest outing for the red and blue acrobat.

Of course, anyone who’s been to Brooklyn knows the reality is far, far different. Luckily, in this post-truth world, some intrepid Youtuber has put together a more historically accurate version of Mario’s outing in the real world:


Video Game Video: Super Mario Underworld

Just like I always wondered as a kid what the hell was at the bottom of The Jetsons, I also wondered how the many ‘bottomless’ pits in Super Mario worked. Where do they go? What lives down there?

Nukazooka have provided a harrowing look into what really happens when Mario (and Luigi) falls into the void, perfectly in time for Halloween. New games may be grimdark and gritty, but when you look a bit deeper, retro games were really kind of messed up:


Video Game Video: Mario x Star Wars

These days it seems anything you can imagine has seen a crossover, official or otherwise. Mario – the “Italian Plumber from Japan” – is no exception.

The lads at Rizen Visual had a dream, a dream that saw the Brothers Mario enter the world of the Wars a la Star. Heavy heapings of homage are┬ápaid to both classic Mario and Mario Kart, so expect to see all the iconic symbols – from the triple turtle shells to murderously jumping on things to kill them – make an appearance here.