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Video Game Music: Console Classic Mashups!

We’ve covered a few live music covers of videogame classics, and there’s also plenty of 8-bit chip tune remixes of popular music out there.. but how about a mashup of the two?

Did you feel like you needed some Michael Jackson in your Chrono trigger? No? Well, no, of course you didn’t. But this is the internet, and someone went ahead and did it anyway. Merging Jackson’s “Remember the Time” with “Corridors of Time” works well – disturbingly well:

And what makes more sense than adding some rapping from rageful street legend, 2-Pac himself, into Streets of Rage? 

If that isn’t your speed, there’s always the unholy fusion of Rihanna and Donkey Kong, which somehow manages to shine bright, despite all odds:

That was just scraping the surface.. who knows what else lurks in the fathomless depths of the internet.


VGM: Classical Mario

A crazy talented Japanese guy has decided to put his otherwise completely worthless classical violin skills to good use, by replicating soundtracks of classic video games.

Just to make it more interesting, he also replicates the sound effects mid play. Because, why not.

And of course, Super Mario World:

VGM: Chrono Trigger metal covers

Chrono Trigger’s soundtrack and the long hair of 80’s metal bands aren’t two things I’d normally imagine go together… at all. But a series of covers by YouTuber Little V makes it work surprisingly well.

I suspect part of the reason is because he employs a much more melodic/rock style of sound palatable for us non-metal types. Secondly, while he adapts the composition into guitar riffs, overall, Little V doesn’t mess with the original music (unlike most of the pulsating “techno” remixes out there).

So check it out: the unavoidable “Corridors of Time” cover:

But there’s a ton of other quality tracks covered, like Lavos’ Theme: