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City Clickers

A minimalistic effort befitting the jam it spawned from, City Clicker is a clicker-style take on the classic Sim City formula. It some ways it works, and it some it doesn’t, but as an experimental gameplay concept it’s worth spin for those interested in innovation.

I found this article sitting in my draft box for an onscenely long time, so in the spirit of modern city management sims, let us reduce, reuse and recycle by publishing this historical post.

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New Retro Picks: Steam Summer Sale #2

With a few days left, time to slip in another set of picks for the Steam Summer sale.

Last time I pointed out a bunch of games I largely already owned or ended up buying and playing due to the sale, that turned out decent enough. This time, I’m pointing out some games that I haven’t yet played, and probably games that most people have never heard of – so this is a good chance to discover some new obscure games.

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Orcish Inn

Ever thought Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley were good but suffered a distinct lack of Orcs? Well, you’re in luck my friend, as Orcish Inn has increased the Orc content by a mere infiinty%.

Orcish Inn’s goal is similar to those games, but, instead of farms and marriage, the action here is about as self-explanatory as the title suggests: you’re an orc, and you want to build an inn. That’s it. But it will take a long time as you must, quite literally, build it from the ground up, all while the spectre of winter creeps forward.


Despite being a pre-alpha demo, Orcish Inn’s concept is already surprisingly fleshed out, with enough to keep you busy for a while. Don’t think of it as leisurely busywork , though. Although the game calmly tells you “there is no hurry,” this is immediately followed by a threatening “except for winter, where you will likely starve and freeze.” Oh. Right.

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Indie Dev Story

You are sleeping on a mangy mattress in a room with nothing else in it but an old laptop, with no money, and no prospects. What do you do? Quit your job, of course.


a photo of my apartment, yesterday

That’s the premise of Indie Dev Story – the soul-crushing joy of the gig economy in a punishing sim/clicker game wrapping, where you rather recklessly try to beat all the odds to support yourself and release a killer game within a month.

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New Retro Games’ Christmas Awards! (Pt. 2)

A few days ago – just in time for Christmas – we spewed out some of our best game picks from the blog. Now that the turkey carcasses have been picked clean and the hangovers have cleared (somewhat), it’s time to dip into Santa’s secret stash for more goodies from the past year or so…

New Retro Games’


Part 2: The Christmasing

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Demake Roundup: No Man’s Sky

How can we at (New) Retro Games HQ make reference to the trending No Man’s Sky that brings in virtual magical social proof currency while keeping it real retro (old)? Luckily, indie developers made the opportunity for us, and now we have remixes like the Atarified Old Man’s Sky, plumbalicious No Mario’s Sky and pixeltastic Norman’s Sky to write about.


Of course, if we really cared about attracting readers via dubious clickbait methodologies we’d have called this article “X Games That Do No Man’s Sky Better than No Man’s Sky. You Won’t Believe Number #Y! Also, No Man’s Sky. #NoMansSky please click me oh god”. But seriously, f*$k that.

Read on to see some choice remakes and reimaginings, that are all entirely more free than NMS and also arguably more fun (only applies if you are the crazy old man from Rick and Morty).

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New Retro News: Flawless Victory!


It’s that time again! To unearth random bits and pieces floating around the interwebs, and share them with you, gentle reader. This time around, we see one game finally reaching the holy “1.0” release status and another reaching the also divine “greenlight” status. Meanwhile, an old game sees new life in the.. diskovery of its inner… sekrets:

  • Z-Exemplar, Greenlight, new demo
  • Gnomoria – no-a-moria in Early Access
  • Mortal Kombat – Morrr Sekrets Found

Read on, should you dare…

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