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The Lost Cover Disks: Test Drive 3

Do you remember Test Drive 3? Probably not – despite being part of a now relatively known series. Chances are that you missed out entirely on the third part in the now long-running racer, as Test Drive 3: The Passion (full, sensual title) was a rather unremarkable game. It was a dam hot mess almost impossible to control, unless your preferred driving style was “schizophrenic robot”, though the early 3D lego block graphics were pretty cool for the time.


Despite everything, Test Drive 3 was damn awesome – but not for the reasons you might think. Naturally, in a game about race cars, racing is the last thing you want to do. Iinstead, Test Drive 3 was all about what was happening outside of the road, which logically makes it one of the greatest driving games of all time.

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The Lost Cover Disks: Wacky Wheels

While not the most obscure of games, Wacky Wheels was well received yet was not quite the smash hit it hoped to be, and flounders in relative obscurity in these modern times.

Skidding in the drift of the more successful Mario Kart, Wacky Wheels attempted to emulate the same gameplay on the arguably superior (by that time) hardware of the IBM Personal Computer. Mode 7 Chip? We don’t need no stinking chip! What resulted was a less spectacular Mario Kart clone, but that was all it needed to do to be fun – it worked.

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[Alpha] Drift Stage

Drift Stage is another retro-inspired racer that isn’t afraid to express its love for neon. Admittedly, the alpha demo (download below) isn’t much and came out ages ago (sorry about that), but the project looks very much alive and has been receiving regular updates, anyone interested might want to test the ignition.


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New Retro Games’ Christmas Awards! (Pt. 2)

A few days ago – just in time for Christmas – we spewed out some of our best game picks from the blog. Now that the turkey carcasses have been picked clean and the hangovers have cleared (somewhat), it’s time to dip into Santa’s secret stash for more goodies from the past year or so…

New Retro Games’


Part 2: The Christmasing

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New Retro News: Comes Back Again

Time for some New Retro News, where we give the run down on some recent releases, ports, re-releases, remakes and the like for your information consumption pleasure. CONSUME. OBEY. PUT ON THE VR GLASSES.

Ahem. So, four headlines instead of the usual three?! I know, I know, what is this madness indeed. But we’re all mad here, so buckle up:

  • Rockman X3 prototype unearthed!
  • Castilla Matilda EX edition ventures forth!
  • Titus the Fox re-released on GOG!
  • Wacky Wheels gets wackier… about the same level of wackiness

Read on to know more…

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MS Paint Racers

A while back we posted about a driving game in progress called Slipstream that emulates the classic look and feel of Outrun and games of the era. That game succeeded in its Kickstarter campaign and will come out… sometime. Until then though, I stumbled across MS Paint Racers which is as the name implies, a free Outrun style racing game with graphics entirely made in MS Paint. It looks surprisingly good.

MS Paint Racers_title

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Demo News: Weekend Drive

On one of my random perusings of the internet I stumbled across this little gem called Weekend Drive. Although an early alpha, and although obstensibly game about driving (presumably on the weekend), you can already enjoy canyon jumping, meteor escaping and giant nazi zombie fighting action. This is what racing games should be like.


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Demo News: Slipstream

Do you remember the classic “3D” racers of the 80’s and 90’s that were actually just 2D sprites mashed together to emulate “perspective”? What if we went back and re-did that with up-to-date tech? Slipstream seeks to answer that question.


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CGA: Christmas Game Arcade

CGA: Christmas Game Arcade is what happens when the much overdue fusion of Santa Claus, CGA graphics and SEGA’s Outrun finally arrives. Christmas may be over, but here you can accurately relive the experience by hopping into your Ferrari-manufactured sleigh and speeding down the streets at a cool 120/kph.


I feel the need, the need for… gingerbread and milk

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Mario Kart 8: ZSNES Edition

Want to enjoy the fast-paced gameplay of Mario Kart 8 but can’t afford a Wii/U/They or wahtever they call it these days? No problem, now you can a-play the a-tracks on the good ol’ SNES (or ZSNES). Mama Mia! Super Mario Kart 8 is a rom-hack that transplants the modern game’s tracks into the classic SNES cart.


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