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New Retro Games’ Christmas Awards! (Pt. 2)

A few days ago – just in time for Christmas – we spewed out some of our best game picks from the blog. Now that the turkey carcasses have been picked clean and the hangovers have cleared (somewhat), it’s time to dip into Santa’s secret stash for more goodies from the past year or so…

New Retro Games’


Part 2: The Christmasing

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There You Go

There You Go belongs to the room escape subgenre, a style that usually begins with you rousing from some indeterminate slumber to find yourself a locked room, with a convenient assortment of puzzles sitting between you and freedom. Think the first Resident Evil without the zombies or guns, and all those crescent keys and piano puzzles taking place in a single room. It’s, uh, more fun than it sounds.


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Tower of Archeos

A while back we covered a game which featured a lone hero ascending a tower, and Tower of Archeos gives away that shared heritage in its name. Both also, coincidentally, share victory through the heart warming power of puzzles. But where Warlock’s Tower was about delivering a peace offering to an evil warlock, Tower of Archeos is more old fashioned in that instead you take the slightly less diplomatic approach of killing everything in the tower.


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Warlock’s Tower

The world has succumbed to darkness as an evil warlock slowly siphons the Earth’s energy. In many, if not all, RPGs, from here some unknown adventurer will set forth to level up, find macguffins and eventually defeat the warlock (in three forms).

Not in Warlock’s Tower – the world knows its beat and instead decides to do the civil thing and submit to the evil Warlock’s demands. However in true RPG fashion, the woefully underlevelled and underequipped mailman Tim (and spunky assistant Hess) is dispatched to deliver the peace offering.


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Demo: God of Word

Another week, another game that mixes RPG elements with typing skills, or so it seems! God of Word helps itself to stand out from the currently booming typing game subgenre by mixing up different elements (typing skill/speed, vocab word games, as well as things like a multiplayer mode) wrapped up in a pseudo-greco mythology. It’s an early build and a bit rough around the marble edges – but one that already shows some promise.


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Demo News: Puzzle Depot

What is it with videogames and crates and barrels anyway? If the world were like videogames, every alley would be filled with large crates, and every office cluttered up with barrels (preferably of the exploding variety). Puzzle Depot takes this concept to the logical extreme and runs with it – throwing you into a twisted world of professional crate pushing. Somehow, it’s one of the most fun games I’ve played in a good long while.


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