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I Am Overburdened

A title that serves as both an expression and description of gameplay, I Am Overburdened is, in principle, about everybody’s (non)favourite part of RPGs: having too much loot and struggling to juggle what to keep and what to ditch.

Should I go for those +5 gloves of nail-biting or stick with my powerglove of uncanny referencing?

The game doesn’t exactly deliver on this promise, per se, though. Funnily enough, this is a far better outcome: instead resulting in a fast paced arcade-roguelike-ish affair with an extremely streamlined loot system and minimal inventory tetris. Unlike its namesake, I am Overburdened is a simple pleasure to run through, albeit (for a commercial release) a relatively short one.

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New Retro News: Return to Stair City 2


Time for a quick update on some new retro happenings. This week’s them is: terrible controls don’t die, they just fade away. Also, basketball.

  • Double Dragon returns, again!
  • More masochism – stair quest ascends!
  • Boom-shaka-laka! NBA JAM updated!

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New Retro News: Type Butts to Continue


‘Bout time we listed some news of the recent happenings in the new retro game scene, eh? Here’s a few tidbits from a week gone by:

  • Diablo…inside MY Diablo?
  • Crow-tel, Mo-tel, Holiday Inn?
  • Frogs…inside MY Fairy Village?

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[Local Events] Pixelbörse


Just a shoutout for those few readers who may happen to also live in Düsseldorf, Germany, there’s a retrogames event happening this weekend.

It’s called “PIXELBÖRSE” and its on this Sunday, 8 Janurary @ Zakk. Fichtenstraße 40, 40233 Düsseldorf.

I’ve heard that Düsseldorf has a lively retrogaming community (and some good retrogaming stores that I need to check out), but haven’t as yet seen it. PIXELBÖRSE could be fun. We’ll be there.

Website link:

Facebook event:

New Retro Games: Our Second Year

Hard to believe we are now entering our second year! But much like Phil Collins, yes – we’re still here.

2016 has been a year of ups and downs to say the least, whether its your favourite celebrity deciding they don’t want to live on this planet anymore, or your least favourite one becoming ruler and overlord. Whatever the case, new, fun and innovative retro style games will always be here for you, patiently waiting.


As always, we have a lot of plans in the works for 2017 – if you’re interested in that behind the scene stuff feel free to read on. If not, next week we’ll be back to our usual broadcasting (a few weeks worth of games has already been drafted and scheduled!)

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New Retro Games’ Christmas Awards! (Pt. 1)

We played a lot of games this year. Some of them we even wrote about! We generally shy away from too many “best of” listicle style articles, but figured this holiday day is a good time to sit back with a hot cup of mulled beer or flask of vodka and reflect on what a year of games it has been.


New Retro Games’


This isn’t a objective list, just our favourite picks from each category of game we’ve covered. As a basic ground rule, we are favouring fully playable, complete and more recently covered games. Unfinished games (beta, demos, etc) remakes, enhanced editions and the like won’t count unless unless they offered a new and complete playing experience on their own terms.

Without further ado…

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200 Posts!

With the latest posting of Sky Rogue I’m proud to announce we’ve hit a whopping 200 posts!


the New Retro Games boys enjoying their new computer upgrade

Never expected it to get this far or grow this much, but thanks to an ever growing amount of visitors we’ve gone from a couple of guys dropping notes about random retro-style indie games to… well, uh, a couple of guys still doing that. And a little bit more.


New Retro News: Comes Back Again

Time for some New Retro News, where we give the run down on some recent releases, ports, re-releases, remakes and the like for your information consumption pleasure. CONSUME. OBEY. PUT ON THE VR GLASSES.

Ahem. So, four headlines instead of the usual three?! I know, I know, what is this madness indeed. But we’re all mad here, so buckle up:

  • Rockman X3 prototype unearthed!
  • Castilla Matilda EX edition ventures forth!
  • Titus the Fox re-released on GOG!
  • Wacky Wheels gets wackier… about the same level of wackiness

Read on to know more…

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Video Game Video: Super Mario Underworld

Just like I always wondered as a kid what the hell was at the bottom of The Jetsons, I also wondered how the many ‘bottomless’ pits in Super Mario worked. Where do they go? What lives down there?

Nukazooka have provided a harrowing look into what really happens when Mario (and Luigi) falls into the void, perfectly in time for Halloween. New games may be grimdark and gritty, but when you look a bit deeper, retro games were really kind of messed up:


New Retro Games @ Next Level 2016

New Retro Games is proud to announce we’ll be checking out the Next Level 2016 – Festival for Games, running next week from Thurs 3rd – Sunday 6th November.


Its a local event held in Düsseldorf, Germany, where we happen to be based.

After the festival we will try and share any interesting demos, previews or other playable bits we can get our hands on

If you happen to be in Germany and going to the event let us know, we can catch up for a drink and talk about games!

Next Level official site:

Facebook official event page: