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[Freeware, Remake] The Abbey of Crime Extensum

Get your Sean Connery on. No, no, not with a pistol and martini of the shaken variety, but with sandals and robes. Wait, bear with me… The Abbey of Crime Extensum may be about abstinent monks, but it also happens to be a pretty darn polished and challenging The Name of the Rose murder mystery. So it may not have secret agent action, but it does contain a license to kill.


Playing as Franciscan monk Fray William and his young novice Adso of Melk (yes, you sort of have to control both at once), you are thrust into a race against time to find the perpetrator of a series of grisly murders in a Benedictine abbey.

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New Retro News: Return to Stair City 2


Time for a quick update on some new retro happenings. This week’s them is: terrible controls don’t die, they just fade away. Also, basketball.

  • Double Dragon returns, again!
  • More masochism – stair quest ascends!
  • Boom-shaka-laka! NBA JAM updated!

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New Retro Games’ Christmas Awards! (Pt. 1)

We played a lot of games this year. Some of them we even wrote about! We generally shy away from too many “best of” listicle style articles, but figured this holiday day is a good time to sit back with a hot cup of mulled beer or flask of vodka and reflect on what a year of games it has been.


New Retro Games’


This isn’t a objective list, just our favourite picks from each category of game we’ve covered. As a basic ground rule, we are favouring fully playable, complete and more recently covered games. Unfinished games (beta, demos, etc) remakes, enhanced editions and the like won’t count unless unless they offered a new and complete playing experience on their own terms.

Without further ado…

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Murder Mansion

Capcom may be taking its latest zombie-or-hillbilly fest back to its survival horror roots, but Murder Mansion takes the same concept back to its roots in a much more literal way – placing a Jill Valentine lookalike in an eerily familiar looking mansion full of undead creatures waiting around for you to shoot the crap out of them.


It’s more of a homage than actual survival horror, with its easy to disaptch enemies and tongue-in-cheek humour making it more fun than scary. It also has a little, unexpected surprise…

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Among Thorns

Mildly pumping synth, digital implants and synthetic pork balls are the cultural, technical and agricultural signposts of a not-too-distant cyberpunk future hitting major cities soon. And in these gritty futures, there’s always a gritty story to follow: tracking down the man that may or may not have found a cure to Necronite – a digital virus affecting most people.


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Bob & Dob

This week we will be looking into the latest #GBJAM, which coughed up a whopping 484 submissions (now down to, for various reasons, a “mere” 402). Our first featured entry is the charming Bob & Dob, a game that pits boy and seal against the elements, landing a respectable 5th place in the jam.


Even if you’re not into fishing in the slightest, fear not. Not since SEGA Bass Fishing has the gentleman’s sport been so strangely engaging, and also, full of seal-based action.

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New Retro News: Come Get Some

Trying to recover after a near fatal finger incident, and a pretty much fatal laptop incident, we are bringing you some news from the space between spaces. No faceless monsters here, just juicy new retro game leads:

  • Beyond Good and Evil is now free!
  • Duke is back!
  • Underrail expansion to be released!

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New Retro News: Halcyon On and On


Tribal Clans! Boulders! Starbases! I’m pretty sure all these things were in Indiana Jones’ adventures, so this week’s news theme is, fittingly, “adventure”. Also, “aliens”.

  • Halcyon 6 Starbase Commander released
  • Warcraft: Lord of the Clans leaked
  • Boulder Dash’s 30th anniversary remake

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Cuba’s Days

It’s a balmy day in October of ’62 and you, the then American President John F. Kennedy, have just under 2 weeks to defuse The Situation. Welcome to Cuba’s Days.


If you need a refresher on what these tense 13 days in history were all about: The Soviet Union deployed missiles in Cuba. The USA was paranoid. The game leads you in well enough, giving a rundown of The Situation. Then it’s up to you and your butler advisor Kenneth, to not fuck things up for a few days. You get options, you pick one and the Doomsday clock either wipes its brow or face palms.

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New Retro News: …Things Have Happened

It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times. Luckily, some old school adventure, flying, and punching action awaits just ’round the corner:

  • This is just a tribute: free Stranger Things Tribute adventure!
  • When boys were owls: platform-RPG Owlboy release date!
  • Bleeding out: Soviet Streets of Rage in Mother Russia Bleeds!

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