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CyberShade Doom Mod

CyberShade is a Doom Mod that converts the already-retro Doom to a even more retro experience by converting it to a 16 color palette to great effect. A psychoactive alternative to the sober original, it really turns the hellish descent of the original into a colourful trip into Google’s failed robotics venture.


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Butcher (demo)

(like) Mad Max had managed to get himself out of the desert and into a macabre industrial plant; but you’re no savior. You will be the judge, jury and executioner as you Khmer Rouge the last remains of humanity.


If you want a vision of Butcher, imagine a cyborg stamping on a human face for 20 levels. You may be a barely discernible slab of pixels, but there’s no meatbag you can’t tear limb from limb.

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Among Thorns

Mildly pumping synth, digital implants and synthetic pork balls are the cultural, technical and agricultural signposts of a not-too-distant cyberpunk future hitting major cities soon. And in these gritty futures, there’s always a gritty story to follow: tracking down the man that may or may not have found a cure to Necronite – a digital virus affecting most people.


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You’re In Space And Everyone Wants You Dead (GBJAM 5)

This time we take a look at one of the least Gameboy like games in the GBJAM – this 3D claustrophobic kill or be killed entry from Adamgryu. While it may not quite have that “Gameboy feel” You’re in Space and Everyone Wants You Dead is an interesting little game in its own right.


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Polygone (GBJAM 5)

Pick a game that has a bland cover image and see if it’s any good. That’s the name of the game in selecting Polygone for a test drive among the 400+ entrants into the recently wrapped up Game Boy Jam 5. So is it worth a spin?


The description is “shoot down enemies to get the high score”. Now if reading something like this sounds unfamiliar, you’re a very lucky person – you have a lot of catching up to do. For everyone else, this is your Gameboy style shmup.

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Cuba’s Days

It’s a balmy day in October of ’62 and you, the then American President John F. Kennedy, have just under 2 weeks to defuse The Situation. Welcome to Cuba’s Days.


If you need a refresher on what these tense 13 days in history were all about: The Soviet Union deployed missiles in Cuba. The USA was paranoid. The game leads you in well enough, giving a rundown of The Situation. Then it’s up to you and your butler advisor Kenneth, to not fuck things up for a few days. You get options, you pick one and the Doomsday clock either wipes its brow or face palms.

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Glitched (demo)

Been waiting for that Mario RPG/Earthbound/Undertale game to be developed, which also uses an Essence system, while simultaneously proving that RPG Maker can make actual games? Serendipity, my friend. Serendipity.


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Stair Quest

What sounds like Robert Jordan’s posthumous answer to Step Reebok, turns out to be a love letter to Roberta Williams and a Mutley-like snicker to the rest of us.


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Rogue Light

Deeper underground, dying light, depleted arrows and then you’re on your own. Heading deeper underground, and dying repeatedly? No not the old Jamiroquai song, a new rogue-light game about lighting the way with arrows, called.. Roguelight.. geddit?


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Retro City Rampage in DOS. You won’t believe how he did it


If you didn’t already know, retro affair Retro City Rampage has been ported… to MS-DOS. The remarkable port of RCR to DOS has been out for about a year now, how time flies.

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