[Feeware] Infiroad

Infiroad contains some of the hallmarks of the so-called idle/incremental genres – that is, you take a back seat to the game itself and mostly just direct things. Things start off slow with limited options to choose from, but open up as you progress through the game.

Unlike many similar games, though, Infiroad isn’t afraid to get balls-to-wall-insane pretty fast, reaching Disgaea levels of ludicrousness. Welcome to bat country.

There’s no real story to Infiroad, per se, just you, an infinite supply of victims adventurers, and an endless road full of unspeakable horrors waiting to devour them. To begin, you start with but a humble Lv. 1 Hero, and clicking spawns one from the nether, who then promptly rushes straight into the enemy and dies. There’s no short limit on how many Heroes you can spawn at once though, so click away until enough sacrifices overcome the diminutive slime blocking your way.

From here, you shortly earn enough gold to level up the Hero, and it won’t be long before you are streaming through slime guts, and earning enough cash to purchase the next adventurer to the roster, a… erm, fairy. Luckily, all these other adventurer types spawn automatically to save on clicking. Before too long, you’ll have a bunch of wannabe adventurers ready to die for the cause, and be piledriving through bosses, edging toward the enigmatic big bad waiting at area 100.

The beginning is slow-ish, but it’s not a slogfest and a few solid hours in you’ll have “beaten” the game. But, as anyone who has played thee sorts of game before knows, this really is just the beginning.

Discovering how far things go is part of the fun of incremental-style games, so if you’re at all curious already, I recommend downloading the game (it’s free) without further ado. If not yet, and/or if you want an expose on what more the game offers, read on.

In Infiroad, the pace changes particularly after you “reset”, which entails starting from scratch again but with additional perks. You can then repeat this process to get further and further with each run. The other typical hallmark to be see is that even when you aren’t playing, the game keeps “playing”. Even for the download version, progression can still happen “offline” – when you close the game and reopen it later, you gain gold collected while you were away.

These are the typical traits of most idle/incrememtal games floating around online these days, but sadly, with many geared toward “freemium” models, what some (most?) forgot these days is that it should be more than just a matter of increasing the same numbers, faster. What’s better is when new options open up new ways to play, or new strategies. Original clickers such as Candy Crush and A Dark Room are prime examples of this.

While not quite on par with those legends, thankfully Infiroad does have some of the same spirit. After resetting once, you not only gain access to a new currency, mithril, which acts as a de facto booster (a permanent 5% to atk and def per mithril collected), but you get a few new toys to play with. The second run also opens up artefacts (“relics”), dropped from random boss encounters, which can then also can be upgraded with mithril (spending it doesn’t diminish the overall 5%/per mithril boost either). Some artefacts provide passive boosts, others are active cooldown-based abilities. More new character types to deploy also start appearing – the game starting with 5 but eventually growing to 20 different types.

Progress feels reasonably fast compared to some other incrementals, while the first attempt at taking on the world is somewhat slow, edging towards the “final” boss at area 100, once you beaten him and you’ve made a few resets you’ll be burning through the first 100 zones rather quickly, and it won’t be long before you’re facing off against God herself.

For better or worse, Infiroad doesn’t stop there, oh no: you see, not long after you’ll be breezing through not only the first few 100 areas, but even the first 1,000 – which is where the “real game” begins, apparently.

Gathered mithril and relics will skyrocket (collecting duplicate artefacts gives them a free level up), for one thing, but things get crazier from there, as you start to collect abilities to speed up the monster genociding progress even more, such as being about to start out at a higher zone (with the requisite gold to start you off), and then it gets a bit insane once you unlock the “boss rush” ability, and then simply just goes completely mad once you find a combination of skills that will let you sit in boss rush mode for extended, near indefinite, periods, and 1,000s  of areas will flash by in an instant.

By the time you reach area 10,000(!) and onwards, a whole new set of bosses and artefacts start appearing. Apparently there’s even more, with 40,000(!?) being the next milestone, but I have not gotten that far.

After one afternoon with the game, I was able to start off a run, rush into 20,000’s pretty quickly, and amass over 5,000,000,000 mithril. So, yeah.. It doesn’t hold back.

Some people like the slow, demanding nature of incremental and idle games, so if you are one of those type, be warned: Infiroad is not one of them.If you prefer a bit of speed in your double espresso though, Infiroad is worth a shot.

Infiroad | play online / download

The download version is highly recommended as the performance is much smoother.


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