[Freeware] A Man’s Quest

As kids I think we wanted to climb pretty much everything – climbing to some arbitrary high point was an important status symbol for 10 year olds. Perhaps, indeed, an important rite of passage to becoming a man. So it would make sense why A Man’s Quest stars a little boy seeking to find the coolest, highest thing to climb.


Another precision platformer but by no means frustrating – A Man’s Quest is light on pain and big on heart.

After exploring the initial area, a chance encounter in the cemetery will set things in motion proper. A ghost will ask you to climb to the top of a not-at-all mysterious tower to release all the souls trapped within, which I’m sure is a totally good idea.


Controls in A Man’s Quest are snappy and responsive, which is critical for games like this – and you easily move around the world fast and zippy-like, with all that unlimited energy that only kids seem to have.

Luckily, despite being a precision jump platformer, the game is very forgiving. Dying generally resets you back to wherever you were last standing but a moment ago – making it often of little consequence. The game does annoyingly cleverly subvert this in some areas, though – by throwing obstacle courses at your that require constant climbing – so that you don’t actually touch the ground, thus not “triggering” a respwan point – but even then, it’s not too punishing.


A Man’s Quest is pretty short – and aside from a couple of tricky platforming sections, should perhaps only take about 20 minutes, which is a lifetime in kids years, but us adult types can safely file this one under “coffee break games”.

A Man’s Quest | download



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