[Freeware] Legend of Basement

In the fantasy dark ages, most household basements also contained giant rats, the lair of some horrible creature and probably an ancient world-ending cult or two. Legend of Basement takes a modern look at the question of what happened to all those vast subterranean networks after society moves on into the 21st century?


A short cute adventure about cats – or a gameboy-styled dungeon crawler? Well, that all depends on how you play Legend of Basement.

So why are you poking around in that old basement which grandpa said to never enter, anyway? Of course, it’s all the fault of your pesky cat – which decided to hide out down in your basement. Popping down to grab the cat (and some booze on the way), you head back up and sit back for a good night in front of the telly. The end.

Wait, what? That is indeed the game’s end… or at least one possible end. Unless, you poke around a bit more, and you may stumble across something a tad more sinister in that old basement.  Doing so opens up Legend of Basement‘s short but fun dungeon crawling adventure.


Legend of Dungeon takes form as a classic first-person dungeon crawler, and was made as an entry for the Gameboy Jam #4. (That was a bit before our time, though we did cover the Gameboy Jam #5 last year.) Movement and combat are both turn-based, with battles being random encounters rather than Dungeon Master et. al’s wandering realtime monsters.

There’s a few hidden nooks and crannies to discover, too – with “10 possible endings” at the end of the game to find, though this figure is basically a tally of how many tasks/secrets you found, so it’s more of a “score”. Try and get 10/10!

Aside from the exploring and combat, your flashlight is your best friend – it not only lights the way through the dungeon, but can damage certain foes and can also be used to rest. But alas, just like the desperate struggle for survival with our smart phones, every lifesaving use of the flashlight drains part of its precious, precious battery. Should the lights go out, so will yours, so to speak; as the creatures of darkness will fall on you to consume your flesh.


All said and done, though, Legend of Basement isn’t that hard, so more likely than not – especially if you’ve played any dungeon crawler before – you’ll beat it without much sweat.

Legend of Dungeon | download




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