[Freeware] Fabled Quest: Return of Valnis

Fabled Quest: The Return of Valnis is a charming little retro RPG with cute pixel graphics and classical turned-based combat, though there’s not really much to it.


not sure if error… or Zelda II reference

Fabled Quest comes with all the familiar JRPG trappings – explore, loot chests for equipment, kill monsters for XP, and find the big bad and end him. It’s pretty much as barebones as that, though the charming pixel art and quirky monsters elicit a sense of fun nostalgia.

Like all good adventurers, you set out on your journey horribly underprepared, wielding only a wooden sword and easily falling prey to things like the enemy’s attacks, or perhaps a slight breeze. Luckily, and necessarily, your HP and MP is completely refilled after every battle, should you survive. In typical RPG fashion, you accrue XP and can level up, with each level also giving you a batch of new handy spells to play with.

The enemies in particular are a highlight – a weird Earthbound-style assortment of sentient everyday objects, but they each have their own personal name, because of course they do, which adds to the overall oddness.


Unfortunately, things lose polish from there – as it turns out; Fabled Quest doesn’t manage to keep its flow. To start with, there are a few design oddities, such as the fact that level ups aren’t explicitly reported to the player at all – you’ll simply have more HP and MP seemingly at random. More pressingly though, the exploration of the game’s single dungeon is a darkness shrouded maze with no automap or any other sense of direction – it simply becomes a slog after 15 minutes or so of exploring.

The brevity of the adventure is explained in its history: Fabled Quest was apparently made in the span a few weeks, as a mini passion project of sorts. The author originally attempted to make it at age 11 and now, with some actual coding knowledge, put his dream to reality. So it is perhaps a reflection of many of our dreams as gamers – a game idea we had as a kid, but could never execute, now given flesh.

So it’s perhaps not much of a game, but if you’re particularly interested in what the obscure indie titles hidden on Gamejolt are up to, Fabled Quest‘s cute presentation and JRPG nostalgia make it a potential quick time killer between work and play.

Fabled Quest: The Return of Valnis | download


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