[Freeware] Nutty Dimension

A more arcade orientated 8bit metroidvania of sorts, Nutty Dimension didn’t contain any nuts, but plenty of machine guns, magic wands and mermaid photographers. And, really, isn’t that what computer gaming is all about?


As the developer puts it, “Conrad allen now starts the adventure to steal lianhein, with his bizarre girl friend who has the world’s strangest fetish.”

Most of these games don’t really have a story, or what does exist is a bare minimum setup to get us into the game. Nutty Dimension’s plot is no exception, simply an excuse to place you in caverns in search of a jewel that grants immortality, presumably because you want to become immortal and live until the heat death of the universe.

Presentation-wise, it’s easy to see Nutty Dimension‘s retro influence. It sports some 8-but graphics, though somehow more reminiscient of old arcade games than the NES. It carries a similar feel to the previously covered Tujate, which not coincidentally, is by the same author.

Gameplay-wise, it’s harder to describe. Nutty Dimension is certainly a more arcade leaning affair – you explore discrete levels, and these levels are certainly action-focused. There’s not much more depth to it than that, no character stats or real narrative to deal with, which keeps the game firmly grounded in its arcade/platformer category.

However, as you progress, you gradually acquire various new weapons and equipment – such as better guns, armour, and armour kits to repair it, as well as new environmental obstacles and puzzles. And later, even more leftfield items begin to appear – which I won’t spoil here. So while its not quite a metroidvania, there’s that certain feeling of look forwarding to what new toys Nutty Dimension’s levels will introduce next.


Nutty Dimension is a decently sized freeware adventure that can take up a good few hours of running ‘n’ gunning exploration. Hurry, your mermaid photographer fetish girlfriend awaits!

Nutty Dimension | download


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