[Freeware] New Retro Vault – Street Fighter x Mega Man

A lot of big name games companies get flak for shutting down otherwise impressive fan projects. Once ever so often however, a fan game manages to avoid the DCMA banhammer and get official endorsement. Street Fighter x Megaman is one such fan game.


Coming out in 2012, it’s surprising how something both so retro-orientated and high profile could pass us by all these years, but sometimes that’s the joy of the internet. This indeed exists, and you can download it right now. And it doesn’t cost a cent.

While arcade classics like Street Fighter vs. Marvel transplanted the popular comic book characgters into the world of street fights, SF x Megaman takes the reverse approach. Playing as the blue bomber himself, you take on a selection of classic Street Fighter characters – including classic stalwarts such as Ryu and Chun-Li – complete with appropriately themed level and one-on-one showdown. There’s some nice little touches in there too, nods to the source material, such as Dahlsims extending arms or the bicycles in Chun-Li’s level.


It’s perhaps a bit of a shame that, having ascended to the mystic status of official endorsement, that SF x Megaman isn’t quite perfect. The movement and jumps felt a bit clunky even by Megaman standards, and the lack of save feature had some gnashing of teeth. Luckily, the save feature at least was patched at a later date.

SF x Megaman is still an impressive and fun effort. If more big name developers took note, the Internet could be a better place. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get back to that Chun-Li level. Bloody spinning bird kick.

Street Fighter x Megaman | download


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