[Demo, Remake] Agony

These owls are a diverse lot. From wizard familiars and labyrinth overseers, to annoying dream guides or deadly laser beam shooting birds of prey – they’ve been around. Agony is firmly nesting in that last category, a fanmade 3D remake of Psygnosis’ classic Amiga shooter with no shortage of laser shooting owl action.


The original Agony was a classic horizontal shooter on the Amiga, and much like real owls, it was as deadly as it was beautiful – because it looks great but was tough as nails, like many games of the time. This unofficial remake ramps up the graphics to some pretty intense 3D using the Unity engine, and although I still prefer the pixel art of the original, this Agony remake does look quite stunning in its own way. From what I could tell, it uses some remastered versions of the original tracks, to good effect.

Gameplay is much the same, though, and controls are simple and tight. And challenge-wise, yes, it’s still tough, thanks to the large number of enemies flooding the screen. For all your firepower, it’s all too easy to die – which of course makes you lose any powerups you had,  making progressing even harder. Actually, I find it even harder than the original – and I’m not sure if it’s the flashy graphics distracting me or that I’ve just gotten slow and soft in my gaming ability. Possibly both.


Being just a one level demo, there isn’t a whole lot more to say about the Agony remake – it’s a short but an impressive tech demo, if nothing else. One caveat – it will require a reasonably decent rig to run.

Agony (remake) | download


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