New Retro News: Type Butts to Continue


‘Bout time we listed some news of the recent happenings in the new retro game scene, eh? Here’s a few tidbits from a week gone by:

  • Diablo…inside MY Diablo?
  • Crow-tel, Mo-tel, Holiday Inn?
  • Frogs…inside MY Fairy Village?

[Remake..?] Diablo Remade…Inside Diablo

I still remember first playing Diablo II. I mention the sequel explicitly because, while the first Diablo was cool and all, part II was one of the first games I had that seemed to make use of a higher resolution and framerate for the time – even just seeing your character run across an open plain looked bloody (pun intended) stunning.

Anyway, the red devil has come back, again – Blizzard have “remade” the first Diablo inside of Diablo III. The big question I had – which somehow unsurprisingly isn’t the slightest attempt at being answered in any press coverage – is the whole game really remade inside Diablo III? What does “remake” mean exactly here? (edit: this article is pretty good)


Well, the best I could determine (as a non-Diablo III player) is that it is the “whole” game, but only in the sense that it’s a package of all 16 maps of the original – but still within the framework of Diablo III (e.g. you can’t play the original game’s classes). So, as far as I could tell, it’s more like a homage / bonus zone for Diablo III players to explore. Not that that’s a complaint, though – just a clarification – it’s still a pretty neat and fun idea. And it’s an entirely free update (though only available during January).

Diablo III | official site / video about the Diablo remake/homage

[$5-10 Release] Crowtel Renovations

Crowtel was a little freeware effort about a crow desperately trying to hide the dilapidated condition of its hotel from the authorities. So, as you’d expect, it featured things like chirping at toilets to unblock them. I couldn’t play it back then since it for some reason needed a much beefier computer to actually run… but it must’ve been popular since a full commercial release has just landed on Steam.


Sorry Crow, Mario Boos are in another castle

The Steam version is not a sequel or new game, as such, but rather an expanded “remaster” which includes an “all new unlockable story mode” and features like developer commentary. Ok, so it’s not a huge leap from the available free version, but I have to say I don’t mind this approach of releasing slightly expanded commercial versions of freeware games – it’s a much better way to support developers than through the pay2win/freemium/IAP shit by a long mile.

Crowtel Rennovations | original freeware version / new commercial release

[$15-20 Release] Frog Fractions 2

The oddly compelling Frog Fractions received a lot of attention for its bizarre gameplay – a game ostensibly about math that quickly turned into so, so much more. The sequel was developed under an unreasonably complex process, and all we need you to know here now is that it’s out. Well.. “out”, in a very Frog Fractions way…


You see, there is, one caveat – Frog Fractions 2 is hidden inside another game about building fairy villages, called Glittermitten Grove. So yes, you have to buy that game to play this game. Once inside, type “butts” to enter the wonderful world of frogs, and also some fractions.

I guess Frog Fractions 2 is the main attraction, and all, but it’s still a shame that the required fairy game seems like a generic smartphone game. And for $20, it’s not exaclt cheap. Still, it’s a laff of the sort only the twisted mind of the Frog Fractions developer could pull off, and people (both games press and gamers) seemed to enjoy the spirit of it all.

Glittermitten Grove / Frog Fractions 2 | buy


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