[Gamejam Entry] Arch Wizard’s Arena

You’d think that the primary occuption of the wizard profession – whether of the apprentice, master or arch variety – would be concerned with the actual learning and pratice of wizardry. As most games and movies have taught us, it turns out this is typically the farthest thing from the old coots’ minds. Wizards dabble in the arcane art of procrastinating much like the modern worker, except instead of sending cut ‘n’ paste motivational quotes and cat pictures to their friends, wizards teleport them to deadly arenas full of bloodthirsty monsters.


Same difference, really.

Presumably, your own wizard is of the novice and certainly not arch variety, since he only has a measly two spells. Also, like most computer game protaganists, he somehow decided it was a grand idea to test these two spells in an inescapable pit full of monsters. So I can only assume the poor decision making comes from a lack of experience in the wizarding arts. Or it at least explains why so few wizards graduate.

Wandering the arena, your only real task is to clear out all the pesky giant spiders and dragons looking for their next snack. The 2 spells you get are the ability to heal yourself for 2HP, or cast a fireball that damages everything adjacent to you for 2HP of damage, but if you really want to commit to exterminating the beasts you’ll need very careful use of these spells. Especially since you only have 2MP – which are only recharged by killing. This provides Arch Wizard’s Arena with the basic essence of tactical planning; balancing dancing with monsters until they are in just the right spot for maximum destruction, and timely healing. Graphically, it looks absolutely charming, and burning a group of giant spiders to ash never gets old.


Arch Wizard’s Arena is probably, in its current incarnation, most resembling a basic rougelite-like – with turn-based combat, hitting monsters by “walking” into them, the tactical use of spells, and permadeath coming all too often and easily. But yes, it’s all very basic and limited – there’s no XP or levels, equipment or complex interactions to speak of. Being a game jam entry (for not one but two game jams, is that even allowed? Tricksy wizards!), Arch Wizard’s Arena is a short affair with no real ending to speak of – it’s clearly filed under “short games” experience.

Arch Wizard’s Arena | download


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