Sonic Boll Classic

This is, thankfully, not a Uwe Boll take on the venerable blue hedgehog (SEGA have done a good enough job ruining the franchise on their own), but rather a Super Mario Crossover inspired Sonic mashup. A quick fangame that lets you rush through the original Mario levels as Sonic or just fly over them as Tails, or if you absolutely must be puritan about it, plod through as Mario. Or Bowser. Because, why not?


You still get mushrooms and fireflowers, with a mushroom turning you a darker shade of whatever colour your character is because reasons, which enables usually the super spin dash, or other abilities, depending on the character. The fireflower, the final tier of Mario upgrade canon, works much as the fire shield did in Sonic 3 and onwards, including granting Sonic the fireball ability. It’s also possible to play as, erm Ashura Sonic, who gets the electric shield instead – complete with double jump and coin magnet ability.

The Sonic 3/Knuckles level era’s moveset is all there. For Sonic this means being able to activate his last minute shield thingy while jumping, and what with the aforementioned fireball/electric move. Tails retains his trademark flying ability, but this time with the aid of a handy Megaman style energy meter indicating exactly how much longer he can inexplicably rotate the tails around his ass to grant flight. Knuckles has the usual weird Predator hairdo thing going on, which somehow grants a gliding ability which I’m sure Predator can totally also do.

So, yes, the giant elephant in the room: does being able to spin jump and spindash obscenely powerful? Yes, yes it is; allowing you to smoosh through enemies, bricks and levels with the greatest of ease. Strangely, team Sonic can also headstomp/bounce on enemies Mario Bros. style to kill them, whether spinning or not, which makes them even more overpowered. Especially tails, since while flying his tailcopter kills anything it touches above him while he still crushes anything he happens to land on.

As one would probably glean from all that, Sonic Boll Classic is not quite as polished and balanced as Super Mario Crossover, where in that game each character brought along their own quite powerful abilities with them, yet to play as each still felt challenging in its own special way. Not as much here in Sonic Boll, since you can really just smash through levels with barely the minimum required sweat to make a C+C Music Factory music video – the risky speed is somewhat of a trade-off though, as it makes it extremely easy to career off into a bottomless pit, and we all know where that leads. That all said and done, Sonic Boll is competently put together, especially when compared to the multitude of MS Paint Game Maker fangames out there. Shudder.

Sonic Boll Classic isn’t groundbreaking, and it probably wasn’t meant to be, but its a fun little drift through familiar territory.

Sonic Boll Classic | download

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