New Retro News: Comes Back Again

Time for some New Retro News, where we give the run down on some recent releases, ports, re-releases, remakes and the like for your information consumption pleasure. CONSUME. OBEY. PUT ON THE VR GLASSES.

Ahem. So, four headlines instead of the usual three?! I know, I know, what is this madness indeed. But we’re all mad here, so buckle up:

  • Rockman X3 prototype unearthed!
  • Castilla Matilda EX edition ventures forth!
  • Titus the Fox re-released on GOG!
  • Wacky Wheels gets wackier… about the same level of wackiness

Read on to know more…

Rockman X3 Prototype

Rockman, or ahem, “Megaman” to the unwashed non-Japanese heathens, is everyone’s favourite NES series of blue lycra wearing android workouts in the year 20XX. The series moved forward on the SNES into the pastel gleam of the 90s, with Megaman/Rockman X1, X2 and X3 which were received to… OK acclaim, I guess.


Anyhow, so even though X3 was indeed officially released, a copy of the prototype – from about four months before the finished game was released – is now available. It’s more of a historical relic for Indiana Jones-like Rock/Megaman gamers, letting them see graphical differences and elements that were removed from the full release; such as neat effects like your armor tint actually changing depending on what weapon chip you are using at the time. Strangely enough, some of the prototype sprites seem better than the final version. Odd.

Rockman X3 prototype | download

Maldita Castilla EX


Classic freeware Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts homage Maldita Castilla has received the remaster treatment with developer Locomalito upgrading and expanding it into a commercial release. What does this add? I’m glad you asked; Maldita Castilla EX adds two new chapters to the original six levels, new weapon types, enemies and music. There’s also the usual polish tweaks in gameplay,  graphics and sound with more display options, a high score table, a bestiary and yes, those bloody achievements too. You’re welcome.

Maldita Castilla EX | buy

Titus the Fox Re-Released


Titus the Fox, obscure and under-appreciated 1992 platform adventure from developers who are also called Titus has been re-released on the GOG platform. Nothing particularly new to be found – its just a bog standard DOSBox port sans copy protection, but contains some good old fashioned 90s platforming, decent graphics (unless you use the CGA version. please don’t), and all the fine china platter throwing action this side of an upscale French restaurant.

Titus the Fox | buy

Wacky Wheels HD


The PC’s 90’s attempt to cash in on the Mario Kart craze, Wacky Wheels was certainly no plumber-killer, but for PC kids it was the closest you could get to overtaking Toad while throwing turtle shells at Bowser. It was a decent albeit generic karting romp, and the HD remake seems to follow in the spirit of the straight shooting original, bringing well.. not a whole lot new, aside from updated graphics and tracks.

The reception is mixed, and while the core content appears to pay adequate homage to the original game, the biggest gripe seems to be technical issues, such as with the control scheme, glitches, etc. The consensus seems to be “wait for the devs to hopefully address the issues”.

Wacky Wheels HD | buy


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