Castlevania 1 Remake

Castlevania has to be one of my favourite game series of all-times, from the classic Super Castlevania IV on the SNES to, of course, Symphony of the Night on the PSX, and some modern DS outings such as Order of Ecclesia. You’ll note that I didn’t include any of the 3D games in there, because they were mostly rubbish.


Old Konami haven’t quite figured out how to transfer the franchise into the 3D world just yet (with a few, notable exceptions), which is a fair crime since it’s not easy to make the move without losing that intangible something that makes the 2D counterparts work so well. But this one fan decided what the heck, and went and tried anyway, by taking it right back to the roots of the very first Castlevania.

The Castlevania Remake project is, for now, a demo of sorts providing a peek through the Jabberwocky infested looking glass into a world that could’ve been. The adaption sticks to the basics – opting for the “keep it basically the same just with fancy polygons” option by using a 2.5D style that leaves the core sidescrolling (or in Castlevania 1‘s case, screen flicking) gameplay intact. It’s sort of like the 3D NES emulator, but with a (much) more handcrafted approach. As a result, the Castlevania Remake looks rather intimidatingly spectacular, and flashy – if you’re into that whole 3D polygon thing, anyway. For me, I’m still a stickler for the original pixel graphics, and here the lighting effects are probably a bit too glaring and intense, but I can’t deny it’s a pretty fantastic effort when all is said and done.

Of course the old C&D hammer has already been stamped, but in a change of pace the game hasn’t taken down. Amazingly, the dev is allowed to keep the project up, just not continue further development. In the meantime, he is working on getting an official license, something which Konami should be smart enough to realise it could only benefit from… but Dracula will probably rise (yet) again before that happens, so we can only wait and hope.

Castlevania 1 Remake | download


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