[Demo] Gold ‘n’ Blood

If I will say one thing about Gold ‘n’ Blood, it is a platforming adventure true to its title: the demo is filled with a lot of gold, and a lot of blood. I mean the game was absolutely filled with dosh, with enemies and chests spewing forth a plethora of riches that would make even the Gold Box games blush. At least it looks absolutely gorgeous while it’s at it.


Gold ‘n’ Blood is by French dev team Storybird – the same team who are working on Wonder Boy ’em up Aggelos, so they’re no stranger to the platforming hack ‘n’ slash action world. Aggelos was successfully funded, and this demo has been released as a proof of concept to hopefully attract funding, since working on one fulltime project apparently isn’t hard enough.

It’s a pretty short hack ‘n’ slash affair, with some fast paced murder simulation of the local monsters, ending in a rather fancy looking boss. For now, you can only select one character, and none of the promised RPG elements are in yet, but in terms of polish, the controls are pretty tight (although the non-rebindable O/P attack keys is a bit odd; use a gamepad if you can) and graphically, it’s oozing polish – it looks beautiful from the way trees bob in the wind to how the screen zooms back to fit in the first boss’ fat ass really adds a sense of scale.


The full game would include a two players mode, RPG elements like equipment upgrades and leveling up, and a Super Mario World like map to explore.


Gold ‘n’ Blood | download


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