CyberShade Doom Mod

CyberShade is a Doom Mod that converts the already-retro Doom to a even more retro experience by converting it to a 16 color palette to great effect. A psychoactive alternative to the sober original, it really turns the hellish descent of the original into a colourful trip into Google’s failed robotics venture.


CyberShade Doom is based on Chocolate Doom, which is a source port of Vanilla Doom, and which can hold its own against ZDoom (I didn’t know Doom was so tasty! -ed).

Actually, even Xzibit couldn’t have pimped this out any more. Top-to-bottom CyberShade looks fresh and could pass as another game, just about. Modder Jimi is definitely channeling some cool mid 90’s aesthetics and the enemies are aggressive and unrelenting like any 80’s bad guy worth their weight in flick knives. What’s missing is an equally kinetic soundtrack to match the adrenaline inducing vibrancy. It also comes with  the creature comforts of ZDoom – like mouselook and jumping, and also some nifty sound occlusion.


As it stands, there’s a functioning few levels to show off and explore in CyberShade, enough to get a feel for the frenetic-ness, but besides that it’s still work in progress. Jimi has gone a little quiet lately, but if you rattle the cage hard enough, he might come out from hiding. The game is standalone, so just download and run this to go back to the future.

CyberShade Doom | Download / Dev forum


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