Butcher (demo)

(like) Mad Max had managed to get himself out of the desert and into a macabre industrial plant; but you’re no savior. You will be the judge, jury and executioner as you Khmer Rouge the last remains of humanity.


If you want a vision of Butcher, imagine a cyborg stamping on a human face for 20 levels. You may be a barely discernible slab of pixels, but there’s no meatbag you can’t tear limb from limb.

Sporting a dark 90’s aesthetic, Butcher reminds me of Abuse, but with a larger viewing area and more violence. The mouse aims while the keyboard gets your legs into gear. Coordinating these two on the 2D plane is decent and hasn’t really been used a great deal in gaming but works well here, if a little hard to see what’s going on at times.

While the running animation leaves something to be desired, this industrial peptic ulcer looks super dank as humanity is cornered into its last stand; and there’s no getting around it – this is violence for the sake of violence, where the polyamorous swapping of viscera and claret is thrown about like the second coming of Pollock. And like in Super Meat Boy, your canvas proudly displays the viscera. This ultra-violent cyborg has no time for sensitivities and you’re either painting someone’s body across the wall or becoming a decorative piece yourself. And there you have it – Butcher is a straightforward and bloody shooter.


What I got to see in the demo was limited, and I am really hoping the full game kicks it up a notch. The demo wasn’t too bad at all, but the full trailer looks promising. The game is due for release in a couple of days (edit: out now!).

Butcher | Steam / Demo

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