Polygone (GBJAM 5)

Pick a game that has a bland cover image and see if it’s any good. That’s the name of the game in selecting Polygone for a test drive among the 400+ entrants into the recently wrapped up Game Boy Jam 5. So is it worth a spin?


The description is “shoot down enemies to get the high score”. Now if reading something like this sounds unfamiliar, you’re a very lucky person – you have a lot of catching up to do. For everyone else, this is your Gameboy style shmup.

First impressions: Polygone feels like it could be a really cool hidden minigame found inside a larger title. It has that “I need a break from the main campaign for a bit” vibe. Mileage may vary, but it’s a cool, inoffensive little distraction, while you wait for your microwave lasagna to cool down.

One would be hard pressed to create anything too disturbing within the 160 x 144 resolution (spoke too soon), so yes, the game consists of a square shooting at other geometric shapes; docile triangles, heat-seeking diamonds, and the formidable Lego tank. They don’t want blood, just to dislodge the little white balls you are carrying.


OK, shoot and dodge. But, now you’re asking, what about the powerups? I won’t lie, there’s not much; your rate of fire increases and there may be an increase of power, but don’t expect fricken’ laser beams. The difficulty curve is nice and gradual, and with abundant health packs (the white balls) floating about, you’ll probably last longer than you want to.

Yes, this game is much better than the graphic suggests. True, Polygone came in a not-so-exciting #304 overall in the GBJAM rankings. Out of around 400 that isn’t anything spectacular. But that doesn’t make Polygone a terrible game per se, and looking at many of the other entries, I have to say it isn’t so bad. You want it? You get it right here!

Polygone | download


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