Rumble Road

This week we’ve been digging through the whopping 400+ submissions for the latest GBJAM. For our next entry, we’ve stepping onto the mean streets of Rumble Road.


Rumble Road is all about two things: roads, and rumbling. Well what else did you expect!? Revolving around the classic old school turn-based JRPG style battles, it’s kind of like a (very) mini-Epic Battle Fantasy for the Gameboy.

Rumble Road is an RPG of sorts, but without all that annoying talking to NPCs and looting their houses business. It instead takes place across a series of back to back turn-based battles straight out of a (metaphorical) lost Gameboy cartridge.

Your party consists of three of the usual RPG suspects: the straightforward Knight, flashy Wizard and, um.. Punchy, who each fill out the roles their name dictates: Knight hits stuff with sharp sticks, Wizard burns things, and Punchy, well, punches things, but also has a decent enough support ability.


As you mow through the army of slimes and skeletons, there’s some slight nods in Rumble Road towards distinction – each character has their own quirks (Wiz can’t attack at all without consuming SP, for example), each character is able to restore their SP one way or the other instead of relying on a dedicated “healer” or “support”, with both Wiz and ol Punchy also able to heal others.

But, yes, it’s all still relatively simple. There isn’t really a whole lot more to it, there’s no character development or equipment, for example, and enemies don’t really do anything interesting aside from “get stronger”. So unless you are nostalgic for standing patiently in line to attack enemies and then be attacked back in turn, there might not be much here for you. Sadly, since aside from the aforementioned Epic Battle Fantasy, there could be room for decent retro style RPG battler that focuses solely on a fast, rich, complex battle system.

Still, if you are into retro RPG battles (like me), Rumble Road will keep you entertained while it lasts.

Rumble Road | download


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