New Retro News: Dungeon Diving

This week we spend time in our favourite places: dank dark desolate domains, otherwise known as my apartment fantasy dungeons.

  • Look behind you: its a 3 headed Monkey Tavern!
  • I Get Deep Yo: Labyrinth of Andokost!
  • Jagged crawl: Amiga classic Hired Guns ported to PC!

Heroes of Monkey Tavern


Legend of Grimrock and its excellent sequel were, well, excellent. But they have come and gone, and went back to Númenor or Zion or whatever. Monkey Island Tavern is one of the fresh recruits stepping in to fill the void that a lack of grim rocks and giant snails/turtles has left in our lives, and by that I mean, it darn well looks a lot like Grimrock.

Monkey Heroes promises classic grid-based dungeon crawling, 8 classes to try out and, erm, “static real time” combat. Reviews so far are positive, so it could worth checking out. I know I’d certainly like to find out. You know, with all that time I don’t have.

Heroes of Monkey Tavern | Steam

Deep Paths: Labyrinth Of Andokost


If you happen to download and complete Monkey Magic Tavern by October 26th, fear not! The Deep Paths: Labyrinth in Andokost approaches! Due out on said date, Andokost also happens to look a helluva lot like Grimrock (it’s all about dem bricks), and promises the expected classic grid-based exploration, and “active turn-based” combat.

Personally, I’m excited for whatever comes next with “uncertain quantum state real-turn based combat”. But until then, I hope to give Andokost a good old-fashioned try.

The Deep Paths: Labyrinth Of Andokost | Steam

Hired Guns: “Ported” to PC


I don’t know a whole lot about Hired Guns, since it was only on the Amiga, but I’ve seen mention of it enough in dungeon crawling circles to know that it is a cherished sci-fi dungeon crawler, with a 4 person splittable party and, you know, spacey stuff.

Now, it has been “ported” to PC in the form of a pre-packaged FS-UAE emulator download which is all good to go for the PC, no fiddling required. As Indie Retro News, which is more familiar with Amiga classics than me, puts it:

“If you are a fan of the dungeon crawler such as Eye of the Beholder, but want to be able to blast enemies to pieces with crazy fire arms in a multiple 4 player control split screen experience or be followed in real time by different enemy types, then this is the game to own.”

Hired Guns | download

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