New Retro News: Come Get Some

Trying to recover after a near fatal finger incident, and a pretty much fatal laptop incident, we are bringing you some news from the space between spaces. No faceless monsters here, just juicy new retro game leads:

  • Beyond Good and Evil is now free!
  • Duke is back!
  • Underrail expansion to be released!

Beyond Good and Evil free for limited time


Beyond Good and Evil was a much beloved 3D adventure in the early 2000s that I never played. It was on the tail end of that awkward clunky phase, where 3D – when from a current perspective – just started to stop being clunky retro blocks and start becoming contemporary art. It was quite popular. A lot of folks have been clamouring for a sequel (now apparently possibly maybe in the works).

In the meantime, perhaps to wet (re-wet) appetites the original is now available for free. For a very short time. The catch? You’ll need a sell your soul to the infernal Uplay service with an Ubisoft account.

Beyond Good and Evil | Download

Balls of Steel: Duke Nukem 3D gets expansion


Duke Nukem 3D will always be the King of Duke Nukem games (I still don’t mind a romp with the old platformers though), never eclipsed by certain unfortunate modern attempts to make Duke relevant again. He’s a relic of the past, and works better that way.

Finally understanding this, the original Duke3d.exe has been updated with a whole new 8 level episode, and the band got back together again – it’s all made by the original level and audio designers and voiced by ‘ol Duke himself.

Duke Nukem 3D 20th Anniversary World Tour | Buy

Underrail Expands Under the Sea


Underrail is a nice looking retro style isometric RPG with call backs to the likes of the original 2 Fallout games. I haven’t had the chance to play it, but I’ve heard the story is a bit generic, but the gameplay is apparently excellent old fashioned fun, with detailed combat and often multiple solutions to each quest.

Underrail: Expedition will move out from the gloomy underground tunnels to a more open, but still gloomy, underground sea. Don’t ask me how that works. The important thing is that there will be pirates, naturally.

Underrail: Expedition Steam Announcement



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  1. Everytime I hear the words “Come get some” or “Balls of steel” I can’t help thinkin about Duke. Even when I hear “Born to be wild” I think of him… 🙂


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