Another R-Type ’em up enters the space arena, and this time… only one leaves. Just kidding, there’s room on my 500GB HDD for another 25,684 more.


Arengius, like some similar games we’ve covered (Z-Exemplar, Xydonia), comes from a generation that couldn’t let go of the 80’s (the good parts, not the mullets and shoulderpads). While Z-Exemplar digs on the ZX Spectrum, and Xydonia is hot on the 90’s SNES style, Arengius shows its love for the more 8-bit style of the NES.

Gameplay is a pretty straight-up experience, and there isn’t really much to add here if you’ve played Gradius, R-Type or any following derivative. As with most space shooters, it’s all about dem power ups: your tiny ship is born into the abyss with a single peashooter but rather quickly and easily upgrades to a death machine with companion ships, companion orbs, and  er.. other companion orbs. By the time you reach a full (or almost full) arsenal, your tiny harbinger of doom fires an almost unstoppable barrage of overwhelming force.


The difficulty picks up rather fast though, and by the fourth stage, things get hectic as more and more bullets begin flying across the screen (including the rather unfair pass-thru-walls variety). The challenge is more in line with the old school horizontal shooters of the 80’s and 90s – so probably not a big deal for some of the modern bullet hell elitists, but for the rest of us Arengius packs enough of a punch to show us what death feels like, again and again.

Arengius | Download

A demo is available for free as a ‘lite’ version, or you can pay $1.49 for the full version. The free version includes only ‘Normal’ difficulty and one ship, but all the stages are playable. The full version includes more difficulty modes and 5 more ships with different weapons.



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  1. This Awsome looking shoot em up Game has been hidden under my radar until now, So glad I’ve found it (Arengius), yes I’m most Deffo going to purchase it, the graphics look retro amazingness and everything you want in a quality retro shoot em up like this one, keep up the great work , both thumbs up from me 👍👍😃 Gradius/R-Type 4 Life😃


  2. The bad news about this game is, it’s totally brilliant and now for the good news it’s freakin Awesome well worth paying for the full version and I love it 🙂 great variety of ships to control each with they own weapon system, and just got to end of level 3 and so far different enemy’s each level, great bosses, cool music, excellent tribute to Nes and R-Type/Gradius games, this is what I call a real retro shoot em up, and anyone who loves these type of games please purchase this one and support you will be very happy you did, Excellent work and hope to see more retro shoot em ups like this one that will be amazing, thank you for making a totally fantastic game 👍👍😃😃


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