Super Knight World

Acknowledgements have been made. Gates have been opened. New Retro Games now has press access on the growing games portal What this means is that we are able to review gosh dang commercial games!

…which puts us in a conundrum, as when we generously receive a free game, I feel an obligation to write about it. Even if I must announce that it’s not a good game.

Super Knight World is not a good game.


But there’s a certain utility in writing about games that lack praise – there may be people who want to know if it’s worth their hard-earned money. Read on to see if you think Super Knight World is worth the paltry $0.99 it’s asking for ($2.99 with level editor).

So let’s take a look at what Super Knight World does right. It’s obviously another retro-inspired adventure, jumping on the 8-bit bandwagon with all its might. Graphically, the pieces are there; it’s suitably NES; from the chunky pixels in all the right places to the generic but inoffensive chiptune soundtrack.


he’s just happy to see you


What Super Knight World does not so well, is polish. It’s a callback to the simpler platformers of the NES era, sure, but gameplay still feels a bit bare and the controls are awkward, and the enemies have no real A.I. or moves aside from “run into you or alternatvely off a cliff”. Your red knight has a single attack which consists of holding his sword – what I hope is his sword – out. No slashing or animation frames, it just appears in front of you and stays there as long as the button is pressed – meaning you basically run around letting the various enemies bump into you.

Engourging the enemies on your swordhood doesn’t indicate damage in any particular way, either, they simply bump off you with a thud. Of course, the same thing happens when enemies hit you, so it’s usually unclear if you hit an enemy or an enemy is hitting you. Fighting ends up feeling like that awkward dance you make with someone when you both try to pass each other by moving to the same side several times in unison, before someone finally gets past.


What’s probably more interesting than assessing Super Knight World is looking at the state of game blogging in the SEO “content is king” age. Check out this enticing review: “Using his ability to run, jump, and strike at creatures with his sword, players must traverse the 8-bit landscape quickly and carefully. Much like Super Mario, each level has a limited amount of time available to complete it, and ending the level earlier leads to a higher score.”

Wow. Those are some pretty noteworthy features… If this was 1982. I think pretty much every platformer on the face of the earth has these ‘features’. It’s kind of like trying to describe a car by saying “It has four wheels which propel it forward along the landscape and features a seat that enables you to sit comfortably while driving, which is possible thanks to the transparent glass windshield that provides a view of the world.” Shut up and take my money! Thundercougarfalconbird.


Anyway, Super Knight World. It’s not a horrible game, it’s just not very good. In a time when there are so many good, great, and amazing games out there (many for free) competing for our attentions, that makes Super Knight World a hard sell.

Super Knight World | buy

And to cut Coffee Mug Games some slack, their game I, Mayor, looks pretty neat.


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